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Brews & Business Bi-Monthly Virtual Meetup

Professional Portfolio Review

Preparation for Portfolio Review Workshop

What to Expect:

  • Greg Smith, an ASMP Colorado Board member, will welcome all and explain details.
  • ASMP Colorado Board members Flor Blake and Bear Gutierrez will offer photographic reviews.
  • AIGA members Rachel Byland and Shelby Huckabay will review from graphic designers’ perspectives.
  • This event will offer as many as 20 student and associate members of ASMP and AIGA an introduction to what portfolio reviews entail and how they generally work – in our virtual environment and in person.
  • We welcome all members of both organizations, as well as others interested, to attend, share ideas and observe the group reviews.
  • We will begin with introductions and basic information about portfolio reviews – including how best to prepare and what to bring along.
  • There will two rounds of group reviews, with half the group joining each breakout room, and then rotating rooms for the second round.
  • We will break into the two virtual review rooms for 45 minutes, beginning at 7 p.m.
  • We will reconvene briefly and then break into rooms again for a second round with different reviewers.
  • There may be time for some questions – after all portfolios are reviewed – within the breakout rooms.
  • But we will reconvene together at 8:45 to ask and answer any remaining questions, and to discuss how things worked out.
  • We can stay as late as 9:30 to ensure we answer and discuss most, if not all, questions and ideas.
  • Again, this will be a virtual Zoom meeting; please register with this link.
  • If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ASMP membership, please visit our website: www.asmpcolorado.org.

About the Host:

From high in Colorado’s Wet Mountain Valley, Greg Smith captures decisive moments of mountain life, wildlife, landscapes, the Milky Way and more, continuing a 40-year career as a photographer, editor, writer and producer for employers and clients ranging from newspapers and magazines to corporations, families and universities.

He serves on the board of directors for ASMP Colorado, as he did in South Carolina before leaving its Low-country in 2013. A former national board member for NPPA, he holds their Joseph Costa Award, a United Nations’ International Photographic Council Leadership Award, a Best of ASMP award for his 2009 documentary “Keeping the May River Wild” and two degrees in Visual Communication from Ohio University. In 2003, he coauthored “Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way” from UNC Press.

About the Reviewers:

Rachel Byland’s 20+ years of experience as a graphic designer has allowed her to perform in a variety of environments—from start-ups and small businesses, to Fortune 500’s. Currently, she is happily engaged as an independent designer and instructor. She believes strongly that good design has the potential to empower individuals, ideas, communities and cultures. Or, as IBM’s Thomas J. Watson, Jr. simply put it, “Good design is good business.” When not sitting in front of her Mac or in front of the classroom, Rachel can be found volunteering in the design and education communities, or outdoors, chasing her next big adventure.


Shelby Huckabay is a multi-disciplinary designer creating identities, advertising, websites, commercials, and films. His work is geared toward solving business problems for clients and collaborating with them to develop better brand communication. Shelby graduated from Pratt Institute where he received his Master’s degree in Communication Design. Upon graduation, he worked for Graham Hanson Design on projects for clients such as Google and American Express. Before venturing into graphic design, Shelby worked as a Producer and Editor where he wrote, shot, produced, and edited promotional pieces for television.


Flor Blake grew up in the Caribbean (the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico) where you are automatically surrounded by color, rawness, vivacity and “flavor”, all of these elements greatly influence her work.  With a Fashion Designer as a mom, Flor grew up among fabrics, patterns, and sketches, she even stitched her fingers a couple of times when playing in her mom’s workroom.  All of this helped shape her aesthetic and gave her a great understanding of how design and the creative process in general works. Her professional background includes all aspects of theater, documentary coordination, video production and editing, and a degree in Advertising from the University of Puerto Rico. She loves traveling (even if it’s across the street), eating delicious food, and celebrating people’s birthdays. Flor is based in Denver, Colorado where she lives with her wife Ileanexis and their three plants.


Barry “Bear”Gutierrez – has 30 years in photography, a B.A. in Photojournalism (Western Kentucky University). Part of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize team at the Rocky Mountain News. ASMP-Colorado has been a great way to connect, grow and be inspired as a working photographer. With my background in photojournalism and having to transition into the commercial world the ASMP has helped me make the pivot. I only wish I would have gotten involved earlier. The ASMP on a National level continues to fight for our rights as photographers and on the local level continues to bring camaraderie to an otherwise lonely profession. A place where we can, connect, help, inspire and encourage one another.



If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of ASMP membership please visit our website: www.asmpcolorado.org