ASMP Colorado Board of Directors is dedicated to serving and investing in the photography community throughout the region. Please feel free to contact the members below based on their position and/or send general inquiries to ASMP Colorado.

ASMP Colorado Board of Directors

Katie Warnke headshot
Katie Warnke (she/her/hers), President //; 303.588.7446
Jen Magnuson (she/her/hers) Vice President 720.577.5706
Jen Magnuson (she/her/hers), Vice President //; 703.850.8795
Howard Paul Headshot
Howard Paul (he/him/his), Treasurer // Advocacy Chair; 303.829.5678
Jim Reiman (he/him/his), Social Media
Jim Reiman (he/him/his), Secretary //; 813.523.8624
Samantha Behrens
Samantha Behrens (she/her/hers), Events Chair // smbaao8w at gmail dot com
Daniel Hirsh (he, him, his), Marketing Chair Committee Member: Newsletter
Daniel Hirsh (he/him/his), Marketing Committee Member // Newsletter;; 303.415.0545
Rick Souders, Sponsorship Chair 303.384.3128
Rick Souders (he/him/his), Sponsorship Chair //; 303.384.3128
TJ Romero (he/him/his), Website Chair // Membership Committee Member // Mentorship; 720.773.0123
Greg Smith
Greg Smith (he/him/his), Events Committee Member // Marketing Committee Member // Editor;; 843.384.4177
Flor Blake
Flor Blake (she/her/hers), Membership Chair // flor at florblakephoto dot com
Bill Baum
Bill Baum (he/him/his), Education Chair //; 719.492.9359
Paul Gomez (he/him/his)
Paul Gomez (he/him/his), Marketing Committee Member // Social Media;; 805.607.2600
Paul Weinrauch (he/him/his), DEI Liaison
Paul Weinrauch (he/him/his), DEI Liaison //; 303.909.1059

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