The Colorado Chapter of ASMP has elected a Board or Directors dedicated to being involved and investing in the creative community throughout the region. Please feel free to contact the members below based on their position and/or send general inquiries to ASMP Colorado.

ASMP Colorado Board of Directors

Katie Warnke, Events Chair 303.588.7446
Katie Warnke (she/her/hers), President 303.588.7446
Al Milligan, Vice President 720.352.4193
Al Milligan (he/him/his), Vice President 720.352.4193
Jen Magnuson (she/her/hers) Treasurer 720.577.5706
Jen Magnuson (she/her/hers) Treasurer 720.577.5706
Rick Souders, Sponsorship Chair 303.384.3128
Rick Souders (he/him/his), Sponsorship Chair 303.384.3128
Howard Paul Headshot
Howard Paul (him/his), Education/Outreach Chair 303.221.9400
Paul Trantow, Membership Chair 720.351.0770
Paul Trantow (he/him/his), Membership Chair 720.351.0770
Ella Dascalos, Newsletter 303.249.4550
Ella Dascalos (she/her/hers), Board Member 303.249.4550
Jim Darling Photography
Jim Darling (he/him/his), Membership 303.802.6680
Larry Goodwin (he/him/his) Webmaster 408.425.3808
Larry Goodwin (he/him/his) Webmaster 408.425.3808
Jim Reiman (He/Him/His), Social Media
Jim Reiman (he/him/his), Social Media 813.523.8624
Charles Schinner, Elections Chair
Charles Schinner, Elections Chair
Benjamin Fry, Mentorship
Benjamin Fry (he/him/his), Mentorship
Samantha Behrens
Samantha Behrens,
Daniel Hirsh Photography
Daniel Hirsh (he, him, his) Newsletter, 303.415.0545
Tamas Kish, Marketing Chair
Tamas Kish (he/him), Marketing Chair
Pam Neyman, Secretary
Pam Neyman(she/her/hers), Secretary 714.309.0545

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