Board Minutes: January 2018

Colorado Chapter Minutes:

Date: 1/7/2018

Location: Common Grounds Coffee House, 2139 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Time: 7 – 8:30pm

Attendance: Paul Weinrauch, Al Milligan, Jen Magnuson, Caleb Tkach, Demetrius Austin, Ella Dascalos

Board Reports

  1. President’s Corner – Paul Weinrauch
    1. Paul has emailed the positions and board changes to National (David Zentz)
    2. Chapter leader meeting will be on Tuesday (1/9/2018) and Paul is planning to attend
    3. Paul met w/Rick Souders regarding the removal of the Chapter Advisor role. Ultimately, the discussion went well and Rick is considering a more standard position on the board.
  2. Vice President – Al Milligan
    1. Meeting tomorrow with Mike’s regarding marketing planning for the year
    2. Meeting w/MegaPixel Digital on Tuesday at 3pm regarding their role in the organization.
  3. Financial Report – Demetrius Austin
    1. In the Bank: $6307
    2. Outstanding Invoices: $3,000 (sponsorship)
    3. Reimbursements from National: $883.53
    4. Working Capital: $10,191.48 (estimate)
  4. Membership – Caleb Tkach
    1. There are a lot of current members in danger of being dropped – Typical EOY numbers/expectations
    2. We believe the 45+ members are showing as a delay in the automatic renewals rather than members not actually renewing
    3. Total Members: 278 approximately
  5. Social Media Update – Jen Magnuson
    1. Social media posts/updates are going well
    2. A number of new joins/likes on the Facebook page are occurring
    3. Nothing done on Instagram yet, but considering reaching out to members to post to our IG feed
    4. Jen is going to continue using the monthly most popular post being the Facebook Page cover photo for the following 1 month
    5. Dates for the cover photo – 15th of the month start voting and last day of the month is the cutoff for voting on the best/fav image for the cover
    6. Pau still posting to the ASMP twitter account

i. Look at retweeting the @photoattorney

  1. Look at @ryandearth
  2. Look at @calebtkach

g. National should look at adding all of the members’ social media profile information to their membership page (spreadsheet) as a means to assist the chapter in following and ultimately growing it’s online presence

  1. Newsletter Update – Ella Dascalos
    1. Ella is desiring to have people share photos from the coffee meetups and send back to her
      1. Jim Darling should be available to take and share photos
    2. Ella is trying to get the newsletter ready earlier in the month, so send information to her as it comes up throughout the month
    3. Mike’s Camera needs to ensure they are allowing their Facebook content to be shared – Permissions issue
    4. Demetrius to get the newsletter template completed by 1/12/2018
  2. Educational – Paul Weinrauch
    1. When the Spring Semester starts, Paul will be working to get the student chapter started at Red Rocks Community College
    2. Paul has emailed each school in the state (that he has contact information for), but currently has no responses
  3. Webmaster – Paul Weinrauch
    1. Updated the website with new images
    2. Removed the Denver morning meetup from all sites
    3. Updated the front page
    4. Added the new board members
    5. Added minutes
    6. Added last month’s newsletter
    7. We NEED to get new images on the website, especially those that have been there for quite some time(1 year or more)
  1. Events
    1. Al brought up an idea he saw on the New Mexico Chapters’ newsletter (Help Portraits)
      1. Suggestion: ASMP endorsed event such as Soccer without Borders and have a couple of members shoot it
  1. Old Business
    1. Filling empty board positions
      1. Rick isn’t willing to commit to any of the currently open board seats –

Lack of availability

      1. Melinda Goblirsch contacted Paul and is interested in a couple of positions
      2. Katie Warnke – is potentially interested in participating on the board
      3. Ryan Dearth – is a potential candidate for a board seat
    1. Denver evening meetup
  1. Diebolt Brewing is the Denver meetup location for the 1st Monday of the month – 7-8:30pm
  3. This is a go starting in February
  4. Austin Beadles– Caleb will contact him to get a photo of beer shot to use for the newsletter
  5. First presenter – MegaPixels Digital to present on CaptureOne (new features)
  1. Assistant Workshop
    1. 3/18 @C2 Studios
      1. 8:30am start time
      2. 2:00pm end time
    2. Panel
      1. Digital Tech – John Rose, Adam Rojo (Caleb to contact)
      2. 1st Assistant – Teagan Keller (Al), Dustin Hancock (Caleb), Jim Darling, McKenzie Newman, Kirsten Johnson
      3. Producer – Monica Zaffranello, Cristen Shea (Caleb to contact)
      4. Photographer – McCory James & Katy Warnke (Paul W.), Paul Trantow, Eli Akerstein
    3. Cost/Fees for Workshop
      1. $45 non-members
      2. $15 associate/student members
      3. Free – Professional members
      4. Free – New Student members as of 2/1/2018
    4. Stations
      1. Chimera – Al contacting
      2. MegaPixels Digital – Al contacting
      3. Grip Truck – Caleb
  2. Marketing Event – Discuss next month
  3. CPAC
    1. Joint Lecture and needing a topic for the event (TBD –June timeframe)
      1. Top 3 things to help get started on a business plan
    2. Print Share – November
  4. Copyright Workshop – Discuss next month
  5. Soccer without borders – Discuss next month
  1. New Business
    1. Ella is a new board member and remain over the newsletter
      1. Official through the end of December
    2. Board Meetings
      1. 2nd Thursday 7pm
    3. Agenda will be available online for all members

d. Written committee reports by the Board Chair

  1. General ASMP members invited to be heard for it to be considered for new business
    1. 7-8pm Board members only
    2. 8-8:10pm open discussion

Meeting Adjourned