Board Minutes: February 2018

Colorado Chapter Meeting Agenda: 02/08/18 @ 7pm

Common Grounds (2139 W 44th Ave Denver, CO  80211)

  • Approval of Minutes of prior meeting (12/14/17)

Presidents Report – Paul

  • Chapter Leader Meeting 1/9
    • Chapter Website
      • Is Live
      • They want us to stop using our URL and use our dollars elsewhere.
        • If we want to continue we can have conversation with national
        • I paid for an additional year of
      • ASMP front page will have something highlighting local chapters
      • Demetrius will complete website for us.
    • Promoting find a photographer
      • Ad going into Communication Arts
      • Paid social media campaigns ready to roll out.
      • Chapters need to send in list that we want national to promote for us!
      • Added new genres for the new ASMP forums
    • Talked about HR 3945 – CASE Act (Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2017)
  • Next Chapter Leader Meeting is on  2/21/2018
  • National has not updated our contact information on

Vice President Report – Al

  • Chimera
    • Agreed to be a sponsor
    • Would like to have an ASMP Open House at their facility
      • Al will contact Chimera to see if they would be interested in having the ASMP BBQ at their location on Sept 6th, 13th, or 27th. This would be their Open House.
    • Will provide people to demo their products at the Assistants Workshop
      • Al needs to find out from Chimera what kind of camera they will be using so Mike’s can have the proper triggers for the Profoto lights available.
  • Mike’s Camera
    • Will provide Profoto lights for Assistants Workshop
    • Al will continue to coordinate with Mike’s about info for our social media.
    • Al will send Mike’s the new Assistants Workshop flyer
  • MegaPixels
    • Zach will demo Capture 1 at the Assistants Workshop
    • They agreed to a one day Capture One Workshops (free to ASMP) for ASMP members
    • Will try and get a discount on Capture One for ASMP members

Treasurer/Secretary Report – Eli

  • Eli working with Demetrius to get up-to -date on payments owed and how to use Voucher system. Question is out to National on how much money we have to use this year with vouchers.

Committee Reports:

  • Membership – Caleb Tkach

132 active members for 2018

4 new members

3 pending Professional members

0 in danger of being dropped

42 Members Expired in the Last 90 Days

I’ve started to reach out to some of the members on the list. What I’m finding out is some have renewed, but the website hasn’t updated it. I will continue to reach out to everyone on the list. I’ve attached the list as well.

    • Social Media – Jen Magnuson
      • I have been active posting to FB (both the page and the group) and Twitter.  In the FB group, we had good participation in the cover photo contest for February.  Other content on all three channels has included promoting ASMP’s push for January 17 Small Claims Day, changes to the Copyright registration process, promoting ASMP’s food photography contest, Taste, and highlighting our Business & Brews Meetup and our upcoming Assistants Workshop.
      • Plans for February include boosted posts for the Assistants Workshop, particularly pushing the new Student Member pricing, promoting our next Business and Brews Meetup, and promoting our North Denver Coffee Meetup at East Simpson next week.  I also plan to engage members in helping to provide content for our Instagram feed as well as populating(?) that feed with some photos from our meetups.
    • Newsletter – Ella Dascalos

If there are board members who attend meetups, please take a few photos, and feel free to text them to me. I’d like to use a different photo each Newsletter to keep the content for coffee and beer meetups looking new and fresh. 

I didn’t get anything from Mike’s Camera this month. Should I be reaching out to them every month? I was under the impression that they would be reaching out to me with their content. 

Mikes Will reach out

ASMP February Newsletter Stats:

Emailed to 128 Subscribers

Opened: 78

Clicked: 10

Bounced: 3

Unsubscribed: 1 

Sent out Newsletter again, 2/8, didn’t send it to the complete list the 1st time.

    • Educational/Outreach – We have voted and we welcome Howard Paul to this position
    • Webmaster & Election Chair TBD
    • Sponsorship Chair – TBD – We have voted and elected Kyle David Jones to this position
    • Events/Program Chair – TBD
    • We have voted and we welcome Katie Warnke to this position
    • Volunteer Chair – TBD
  • Old Business
    • Budget – Eli to complete this before next board meeting
    • Events
      • Brews & Business – Educational Networking Series
        • February Meetup with Capture One / Megapixels was a big success!
        • March 5th, George Jardine – Lightroom
        • April 2nd – ?
        • May 7th – ?
        • June 4th, Michael Fulks – ACDSee
        • July 2nd – Copyright Walkthrough – Paul Weinrauch
        • Possible Social Media theme
      • Assistant Workshop (3/18)
        • We have everything planned and are ready to go
      • CPAC (joint events)
        • “Getting Started in the Business of Photography: Business Plans and our Shared Experiences” – June 13th 6:30-8p
            • Katie Warnke to speak
          • Print share on 11/14 6:30p-8
            • Eli Akerstein will share prints.
      • Marketing Event
        • We have decided to bring in a big national speaker on photography [possibly Joel Grimes or Cameron Foote] INSTEAD of the marketing event. We will reach out to national for suggestions.
      • Mike’s Camera Product Fair?
      • Soccer without Borders – Do we want to participate?
        • Al is working with Mike’s Camera to get Canon to be a project sponsor
      • Gear Swap Event Scheduled April 15th
      • September Summer BBQ – Al to look at dates in September to host this at Chimera
      • Choose a date for Megapixels workshop
    • Media Buyer and Art Director Mail List – This will be added to the newsletter.
    • Fill empty board positions – This will be added to the newsletter.
  • New Business
    • New ASMP literature
    • Chimera Sponsor and Open House.
    • Sponsoring professional member applicants