Board Minutes: December 2017

Colorado Chapter Minutes: 12/14/17 – Panera Bread – 10450 Town Center Dr, Westminster, CO 80021 –

  • Time: 7pm – 8:30pm
  • In attendance: Jen Magnuson, Paul Weinrauch, Caleb Tkach, Eli Akerstein, Al Milligan, Demetrius Austin

Board Reports

  • National Report
    • Caleb spoke with David Zeitz – stated concerns our members have regarding upcoming tax reform. We’d like to offer members advise regarding how to best deal with upcoming tax changes.
    • We lost a pro member recently because she believes National is spending too much focus on small claims court infringement on copyright.
    • We may want to have better vetting for professional members to have only highest quality work on Pro memberships.
  • Committee Reports:
    • Membership
      • We are losing a pro member and and a few other students, gaining a few others. Essential we are even.
    • Educational Outreach –
      • Paul – ASMP just added a new student group rate for students. May help us with RMCAD.
    • Social Media
      • Jen has all login stuff now and will start making posts.
    • Newsletter
      • Ella took it over and Paul spent 2 hours readjusting newsletter. He will spend time teaching her soon.
      • Suggest keeping mail chimp rather than switching to constant contact.
      • Demetrius will change the template but stay with MailChimp.
    • Sponsorship
      • Al – Mikes Camera is hard to get in touch with in Dec. Will reconnect with them early January.
      • Mikes excited to have ASMP do a gallery show there.
      • How do we handle partnership with Megapixel Digital? We will have them as part of an event and we can do some of their marketing. This is the 3rd year having a significant talks about Megapixels but megapixels competes with Mikes. Agreement for Megapixel – Stay with SAME agreement. Suggest to them to run a 2 day course for free for ten of our members — worth 5k.
      • Tether Tools is a sponsor in kind, and we are supposed to get money from them if our members buy from them. Have we ever seen money from tether tools? Caleb to find out.
    • Website
      • Paul wants to find someone to do the website but if it’s changing at a national level Paul will continue until it changes.
      • Meetups Denver Meetup – AGREEMENT: No January Coffee Meetup in Denver. Try a few months of evening meet ups in Denver instead. Feb, first Monday eve 7pm have a structure for the Denver – maybe use a Panera private room. Simple – pay someone $25 or $50 to come in a give 20 min lecture and Q&A. Later for Instagram a topic
      • Boulder Meetup – Do a coffee in Lafayette every 2nd Monday of each month, with no structure to it.

Other Business:

Go over Chapter Leader Handbook / Transitions – Officers

  • President/Acting Secretary – Incoming President – Paul Weinrauch voted unanimously – Outgoing is Caleb Tkach
  • VP – Incoming Al Milligan voted unanimously – Outgoing is Paul Weinrauch
  • Treasurer/Secretary – Incoming Eli Akerstein voted unanimously – Outgoing is Demetrius Austin
  • Membership Chair – Caleb Tkach is staying on as membership chair until an adequate replacement is found
  • Webmaster & Election Chair – TBD
  • Social Media Chair – Incoming Jen Magnuson voted unanimously – Outgoing is Paul Weinrauch
  • Sponsorship Chair – TBD
  • Events/Program Chair – TBD
  • Education/Outreach Chair – TBD
  • Volunteer Chair – TBD
  • Advisory Committee – Voted unanimously to remove this position
    • Assistant Workshop 3/18
    • Marketing Event: May – Caleb to speak with Colorado AMA [American Marketing Association]. Paul to touch base with Randy.
    • Business Event: Cameron Foote potential as a very large audience. Teaches business to creatives. Wrote the book on it. Charges around $3,200 for it…potential July/Aug
    • Post-processing software workshop: maybe a meet-up topic CPAC- Print share in Nov / Potential joint lecture in June
    • Paul to follow up on this Mikes Camera Product Fair for our members Copyright workshop – Walk through a registration – bring your laptop. TBD