2022 Find A Photographer Campaign Call for Entry

Please enter our rolling Find a Photographer email campaign with your three best commercial and/or editorial images. ASMP Colorado Professional members can submit anytime and we will judge them in the month you submit.

ASMP Colorado sends these Find A Photographer emails to hundreds of agencies, art buyers, art directors and producers in Colorado, and across the west including Los Angeles.

These emails featuring our chapter members pictures go to more than 5,000 carefully targeted addresses, every four weeks or so. That’s about 12 emails over the course of the year, advertising our members and helping recipients find the talented photographers they need in Colorado and our region. 

An advertising or graphic design agency professional will judge the submitted images. Whether or not they select one of your images to feature in an email, by entering your work as an ASMP Colorado Professional member, you can be assured an agency professional will see your style and craft.

Our goal is to promote ASMP Colorado Professional members to generate new business opportunities for you, adding value to your ASMP membership. Please submit as many as three of your favorite pictures that reflect your professional style and vision. Six winning images will be selected and one will be featured in each email. If we feature your picture in any of these campaigns, please wait two years before submitting again.


  • You must be an ASMP member
  • Submit up to three images
  • 2200 pixels on the long side
  • sRGB color
  • JPEG format, Level 7 or higher
  • If your image contains recognizable faces we will require a model release if you win
  • Embed basic metadata in your image files, including at least: Creator, Capture date/time, Caption, Copyright, Contact information. (Optional) custom file number for tracking, include it in your title field.
  • Your file name should include your first and last name or your photography business name. Add numbers or one or two descriptive words to your name to generate unique file names. Eg: Annie_Liebowitz-1.jpg or Altitude_Arts-SkiJump.jpg, etc.
  • Send to: colorado@asmp.org.

Remember to update your Find a Photographer profile by logging in at ASMP.org. You must abide by these parameters to have your images considered.

Image by Allison Earnest
Image by Allison Earnest