Mike’s Camera Online Learning – January 14th

Winter Macro Masterclass: How to Photograph Snowflakes – with Angie Payne

Course Overview:

No matter where you live and no matter how extensively you travel (or don’t!), the opportunities for macro photography are never-ending, infinitely diverse, and always within reach. In the winter, those opportunities float through the air and land right at our feet!

Snowflakes provide a fun and fleeting chance to appreciate and photograph some of the most intricate artwork nature can offer. This class will present tips for getting started in snowflake photography, an explanation of some of the techniques I employ in the field, and an introduction to focus stacking. 

In this new reality of limited travel and seemingly endless days stuck at home, there has never been a better time to explore the microscopic beauty of Winter!    

What you will learn: 

–      Where and when to hunt for the best snowflakes 

–      Setups and techniques to maximize your chances of capturing the fleeting beauty of snowflakes

–      Macro photography gear options to fit all budgets

–      The basics of focus stacking, as it pertains to snowflake photography

–      How the techniques used for snowflake photography can be applied to other macro scenarios

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