October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

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October 2021 Minutes (10/14/2021 @5:45-8:00pm) 

Secretary: Daniel Hirsh

Present Members of 13 Total Board Members (need full names): Katie Warnke, Daniel Hirsh, Kathryn Wagner, Samantha Behrens, Rick Souders, Howard Paul, Greg Smith

Approval of Minutes of prior meeting:  

(May I have a motion to approve last month’s minutes? This is seconded and then we vote. For the vote I can ask, Any opposed? If not, “So moved”) Howard Paul moves. Rick Souders seconds.

Approval of October Board Reports: Howard moves. Rick Souders seconds

Additions or deletions to the agenda: No

Old Business2022 Board:Who is staying on the board in 2022?Daniel thinks he will be leaving. Howard thinks he will stay but not as treasurerRick is undecided but there is potential to stay. Jim is staying. YAYKathryn is staying :)Samantha – it depends on life circumstances. Greg is considering staying.  Paul? Flor? TJ? Jen? Bill Baum? Larry?
Katie is down to be Past President Director at Large.Motion to approve that Past Presidents become Director at Large. Rick Motioned Howard secondedAll approved. 

Find a Photographer Update: On last round of edits. Getting another image from Ellen since hers was not model released. One might be cannabis, one portrait. 
Second Campaign Designs are inUpdate from Kathryn & Daniel
Third Campaign Call for Images UnderwayNeed to post on Photo chat, ASMP CO page, InstagramExtended deadline to Oct. 31st.Board: Please enter three imagesWe need FOUR JURORS EVERY YEAR, one per contest. Follow up on Jurors: Update? Katie needs to follow up with her two agenciesKathryn & Daniel, too. Other marketing ideasAnother phone tree. Flor, Greg & Katie? Flor will put together spreadsheet for board members to call our members.Update from Flor.Letting members know about the FAP Call for Entry Subtopics: Update your Find a Photographer pageUpdate Find an Assistant pageCheck out new ASMP website. Chockfull of resources!Interest in serving on the 2022 board?ASMP testimonial$50 discount if you renew in October?Talk young members into helping with social media and on board
Gather Member testimonials for the website. Update: From Jim: As an educator, I appreciate that ASMP Colorado’s has provided such a wealth of DEI resources. They have helped our faculty refer students to photographic communities that are often underrepresented. 
RRCC Internship FairOpen House is April 21st, 2022 from 12-2pOnce we get confirmation, Post on our social media and newsletter?If in person we will have a table. 

Increasing MembershipShare newsletter signup formOther ideas?Instagram ads to drive membership.Update from Paul: Add a “Benefits of ASMP” section to events. Four big things. Hit them on the head with the benefits. 4 Big Benefits of ASMP ideasFind a Creative (Photographer or Assistant)The New ASMP Academy offers a central hub of information including full curriculums, courses,  and lawyer-crafted templates for every resource imaginable.  Advocacy for Creatives (Copyright Advocacy on the Hill) Creative Community Support! (Local and National)Intern for ASMP.Update on Internship potential offering. Need to write up Internship Job Description and run by Tom Maddrey.Regis has a Masters in Nonprofit Management program. Retreat ON HOLD Update from Samantha and Paul? No
FB Photo Chat Monthly ContestUpdate: Jim will start collecting High Res winning images November 1st. 
Growing our Newsletter ListDaniel update on contacting photo rental studios and other potential collabs asking if they can include our Newsletter signup link in your newsletter to your members?Spoke to Jared from ProPhoto, wants to talk to Rick Souders about being an event sponsor.Update from Rick and Daniel:Update student posters by affixing new QR code to existing postersUpdate from Jim and BillVirtual Events Slideshow template with newsletter and sponsor slides.Update from Jim. DONE! On Google DriveFuture Event IdeasWonderful Machine – May 2022Headliner event in 2022?Rick – They have several programs they can run. They are willing to do it. Rick and Samantha will follow up with Wonderful Machine. Samantha’s plan is to do Wonderful Machine. Agency Access can be a zoom Brews and Business.
New BusinessWho else can we ask to join? John Shelton, Dave Rosberg, Luis Alonso – Katie will contact – DoneAdd to events to let people know that we are looking for new board members. Needs to be on IG, FB. Greg will word smith the pitch for new board members.NEEDS TO BE ON THE WEBSITELet’s grow the diversity on the board. Mid month optional, casual meeting for board members either in person or by call – Interest? Casual conversation during the month. Katie and Paul G. had a good conversation. Howard could host in person. Katie is more central. Rick can host in Golden. Paul Weinrauch’s Business Class at Red Rocks 11/18 9amWould like someone from ASMP to visit his business course on 11/18 at 9am. Samantha will do this! Howard will share the powerpoint with Samantha. Samantha will email board to ask for web-sized images for presentation.  Howard will put the powerpoint on the ASMP Drive.Include in the Powerpoint new sponsors slide and newsletter slide which can be found hereAcquaint yourself with the new ASMP National website. Two helpful resources: ASMP Chapter Resources ASMP Quick Reference GuideASMP Academy – webinars, learning tools. Howard suggests sending any shortcomings to Gabriella. Chicago is having a Big Brain Trust meeting Tuesday, Oct 19. Says it’s open to all members of Chicago/Midwest ASMP, but it is online via Zoom. If you want to check it out: ASMP Chicago/Midwest Big Brain Meeting – ASMP Howard highly recommends it. A chance to join a monthly meeting. Gateway to leadership. Do we want to do a Brain Trust next year?We’re having a special event Oct. 27. Mark your calendars: Long Exposure Light Magic with Mike’s Camera, Canon and Tyler BeckRick will contact Paul G. to add this to social media and call for board member volunteers Share newsletter content with Paul Gomez.
Ongoing Projects
Ongoing DEI /Jen Magnuson DEI LiaisonDiversity, Equity & Inclusion Progress:BIPOC + LGBTQ+  Student Scholarship Application Flor, Jim & Katie – Do orientation with these new student members. Update: Organize meeting with Flor and Katie to talk about this
DEI GraphicRMCAD AIGA student group is working on itKatie & Kathryn pitched the logo project to RMCAD AIGA students. Follow up to get a status update. They meet every Monday.
Translating a few pages on Website About Page & DEI Mission Statement into Spanish – Jen is asking Flor, about asking her wifeUpdate?
Important Report Items: Katie will fill these in
Daniel Hirsh/Newsletter46% Open Rate (Avg is 39%)  – Awesome open rate!6% Click Rate (Avg is 8) 11% Bounce Rate (Avg is 11)Desktop 84%, Mobile 16%. Sent 10/4 at 4:30 pm. Resent 10/7 4:30 pmPlease get me information for the newsletter by 11/26/21.  33    Clicks.  Top clicks: 1.     Long Exposure Light Magic by Mike’s and Canon2.     Kathryn Wagner Feature, Long Exposure Registration, Brews and Business3.     Facebook Equipment exchange, Find A Photographer Page (*Date needs updating), Board Application, Coffee Meetup
Howard Paul/TreasurerAs of Sept 30Total Assets                                      $10,262.40Total Income                                                         $5,437.37Total Operating Expenses                                      $1,944.32Net Profit                                                               $3,493.05Will chat with Rick about potential sponsorship balances.
EventsUpdates & Recaps
2021 Events Schedule2021 Events Schedule:  Events Calendar 
Recent Event RecapSept. Coffee – 3 people in person! Daniel, Paul T and Heather Duran (new Chimera marketing specialist)October 4, Brews – 10 people attended virtuallyErika Larsen, Nat. Geo. Confirmed. 
Upcoming Event Details and DiscussionWhat do we need to accomplish this month?
CoffeesNovember 8th.Who will host?Hashtag all sponsors when posting events on social media
Brews and BusinessUpcoming EventsDecember 6, Brews – Pecha Kucha Format: 20 slides – 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide. About personal projects.Jim Reaching out to 6 photographers Selina Roman (confirmed)
2022 Headliner eventN/A
Mini WorkshopsN/ASpecial Mike’s Camera event in Oct.27, online
Assistant workshopPostponed to April 1-3, 2022.We need a poster with QR codesRED ROCKS Community College!!In person with a hybrid twistSet up four types of shoots – a cycle of sets. Food – Jennifer Olson?Product – Paul Gomez, Ok w/Ceramics – need to confirm with new April datesPeople – Flor Blake? Christina Kiffney?Architecture – David Marlow – need to confirm with new April datesMarketing yourself as an assistant. How do you find work? Greg Cooper? Teagan Keller? Natja Soave?  Contact assistants from other markets across the U.S. Will bring it up at next months national leadership meeting.How do you budget/price yourself as an assistant? Greg Smith and Samantha BehrensWho? Can be out of state as this will be online no matter whatRole Playing – Situational – Make it FUN!HybridFriday night panel online – 2 assistants (one could be same person for day 2 presentation), 1 photographer? Live stream the eventQ & A at the end for online separateWe need to find people for Panel and Demos and look outside our core group.  Membership part of workshopTalk to National on how to do this again How do we register workshop attendees as new student members? Katie: I believe we just send their contact info including mailing address to Molly + Howard sends a check.Need to send marketing, PDF and social media files by November, with all the details, to start getting students to register.Greg contacted  marketing director of CMC and Joseph GambleMake funny social media ads.“Save the date” ads
Business RoundtableTuesday, November 9, 2021 (Online) 5-8:30pmSocial Media Marketing – Daniel will talk to female contactRhiannon Manzi Howard may have a backup. Greg might also have a leadCore Marketing- Jen could contact Heidi Groverman Flor, do you know anyone?Cost and Pricing (CODB)-Need/ Greg, Ideas?Find your Niche – Rick – Confirmed!Online 
Holiday partyDecemberPartner with whom?AIGA is in! Would like to partner with some sort of event.We need to equally contribute. Clear detailed expectations.With COVID, plan an online event?  Or just scratch it again this yearMaybe a virtual escape room or some other fun networking event? Samantha talk to Jim
Upcoming 2021 Big Events2021 Round Table – Fall/November – 11/9/2021 virtual2021 Holiday Party – December
Upcoming 2022 Big EventsPhoto Assistant Workshop – April 1-3, 2022
General ASMP Members invited to be Heard