September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

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September 2021 Minutes (9/9/2021 @5:45-8:00pm) 

Secretary: Jim Reiman

Present Members of 13 Total Board Members (need full names): Rick Souders, Katie Warnke, Jim Reiman, Greg Smith, Paul Gomez, Dan Hirsh, Howard Paul, Samantha Behrens

Approval of Minutes of prior meeting:  Howard Motioned to Approve, Rick Seconded. Approved.

(May I have a motion to approve last month’s minutes? This is seconded and then we vote. For the vote I can ask, Any opposed? If not, “So moved”) 

Approval of September Board Reports: Howard Motioned to Approve, Daniel Seconded. Approved. 

Additions or deletions to the agenda: Howard has an addition under new business. Motion to add Thomas Maddrey as an authorized representative of our chapter bank account. 

Old BusinessFind a Photographer Update:
Second Campaign Designs are inWorking on finalizing with Daniel and KathrynDesign still needs to be created.We can use one of the winning photos – Marketing>Find a Photographer 2021Use all three winners images Three separate posts.Katie can you add these images to Trello?Hoping to send in the next week or two.Need status update from Rick on Agency Access trade sponsorship: should happen this week, Sept 6-10.FINALIZED – Rick Souders.Old Agency Access log in does not work. Waiting for credentials. 
Third Campaign Call for Images UnderwayNeed to post on Photo chat, ASMP CO page, InstagramAdd a news feature on the websiteExtended deadline to Sept 30Dates may be incorrect in the edited copy.Board: Please enter three imagesWe need FOUR JURORS EVERY YEAR. Ideas for Jurors:Agencies & Producers, local and beyond. This will give all entrants a DOUBLE chance to be seen by an agency. We’re keeping the photographer’s name in the file name. Scream – Katie, Lm on Lora Ledermann’s vmKarsh & Hagen – Katie, LM with Heidi for Lindsey MillsWigwam – Jim talk to Charles – Jim – Charles is very busy at the moment. Cactus – JenCrispen Porter – Daniel5280 – KathrynMarianne Lee – KatieGabriella Marks – Katie Update?
Discussion – many board members believe the Find a Photographer campaign should be for professional level members.  Outcome: For Professional members onlyBeing honest with members is key. Let members know that if they don’t submit to the Find a Photographer campaign , we don’t need to pay for Agency Access. – This should be part of the Phone Tree conversation.
Other marketing ideas?Another phone tree?!  Flor, Greg & Katie? Flor will put together spreadsheet for board members to call our members.Script is written, in Greg’s hands to proofreadLetting members know about the FAP Call for Entry Subtopics: update your Find a Photographer pageupdate Find an Assistant pageideas for speakers/topicsinterest in serving on the boardASMP testimonialTalk young members into helping with social media. 
Gather Member testimonials for the website. Christina Kiffany? RTD gig through instagram takeover. Social media testimonials.Greg will make a testimonial as well. John Phelan sent video testimony to Paul G, extrapolate line from there.Update from TJ?
RRCC Internship FairUpdate from Paul Weinrauch: We are now considering having the internship fair at our VAMA Open House, which is online via Zoom. We’ll have breakout rooms for companies and individuals to be able to meet with students that are interested in an internship. Maybe have ASMP in their own breakout room with Photogs looking for internsOpen House is April 21st from 12-2pOnce we get confirmation, Post on our social media and newsletter?If in person we will have a table. 

Increasing MembershipNeed a more significant uptick in renewals and new members for long-term survival and growthAsk members to bring a photographer friend/non member.Can you all invite three of your local photographer friends to join our FB Photo Chat group. And send them the newsletter signup form?Other ideas?Instagram ads to drive membership.You can use existing or new posts and make these into ads.Videos? Update from Paul: No update.Howard – discussed the New Communication Arts article on the validity of professional organizations. Greg mentioned the Graphic Standards Manual and Authors Coalition of America.People don’t feel as connected to trade organizations at the moment. Add a “Benefits of ASMP” section to events. Four big things. Hit them on the head with the benefits. Intern for ASMP.Paid internship would be awesome! Ask at leadership meeting if anyone’s used an intern and ask Tom MaddreyPair with marketing chair.RRCC, RMCAD, Co Mountain College, Western, Mesa, Fort Lewis, CSU, Regina, CU Boulder have internship programs.Need an internship write up.10 hours x $15 x 16 weeks. $2400 per semester.Ask Tom Maddrey about the legality of payment. Payroll service? Payreal Sponsor? 
Retreat ON HOLD Update from Samantha and Paul? NoGreg left inquiry with Colorado Mountain College. Also has two conference rooms available. Early 2022? March – through May.Need to stir things up and build morale.A long one day retreat? Breakfast, Breakout sessions, Lunch, More work. Explore new programs, excite peopleSome place in betweenAsk someone like Gabriella Marks to facilitate? Maybe one or two facilitated sessions and one or two board led. Paul and Samantha will put something together for next meeting – Oct. 14th. 
FB Photo Chat Monthly ContestGreg: I’ve found that with sale prices, we can afford 16×20 canvas prints from Canvas on Demand – constant sale pricesHOWEVER, I’ve also concluded our budget could afford 13×19 or 16×20 prints flush mounted on foam core – even if I printed them – that might work out just fine. Jim R: COD Groupon has $15.99 for one image file, one time use.$20 to $30 range, if not from COD, then from someone else.Jim will facilitate the ordering of these prints as we have our winners instead of waiting until the BBQNeed to announce this on newsletter, FB and InstaStart advertising in October – pick first winner in November. #1 – Print six at a time. Show the first at the BBQ and then show all 12 at the Holiday party. #2 – OR print six at a time and give 6 away at each event. (BBQ and Holiday Party)Vote 5 for #1, 3 for #2.Option #1 is approved.
Growing our Newsletter ListDaniel update on contacting photo rental studios and other potential collabs asking if they can include our Newsletter signup link in your newsletter to your members?Called and emailed a few studios. Talked to Pax at Medium Studio in Boulder and he was into it. He suggested Boulder Pro Photo to send out the newsletter to his list. Dan at Photo Space said there may be a legal issue with sharing contacts. – We’re not asking for their contacts, we’re asking them to include us in their newsletter.What are they getting for sending our newsletter sign up link to their list? Newsletter plug? Sponsorship? Website? We need to acknowledge them for doing this. We don’t allow sponsorship in the same category. – Rick. Listing in an article on the newsletter could be enough. Perhaps a Thank you? Determine how long this will run. Rick and Daniel will work on this agreement/article. Greg will back them up. Rick will talk to Chimera & Mike’s Camera. Do we redesign ASMP posters in the schools with new images and QR code taking you to newsletter signup?Or simply affix new QR code to existing posters?YesJim design QR Code sticker and send to Bill. Bill Send QR code to Schools. Bill ask if schools need a replacement poster.Jim can redesign, if we get new photos? From where?Potentially Use Photo Chat Winners? – Add this to newsletter that these photos may be used as marketing in the future. We would need model releases for any photos where there are recognizable people.How many posters went out to schools Howard? Approx. 4 (2 of each)Ask Mike’s Camera to reprint? Based upon if we do the full poster redesign.Poster with QR Codes at Mike’s Camera and schools.Add QR code to each event on the website. – Samantha and TJ.Virtual Events:  Slide with QR code. – Samantha(We also need a sponsor slide for events.)Jim will make these presentation slides. Upcoming Event IdeasOctober & December BrewsTime management event?Agency: What are they looking for today?How to navigate the holidays – business best practices. Ask members what sort of events that want. Newsletter and Social?Agency Access? October – Morning Start – Invite an Artist? Katie asked Michael Snyder – he was unavailable. – Let everyone knowKatie’s asking another Nat Geo PhotogJIM – DECEMBER B&B Pecha Kucha 20 slides – 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide.Headliner event in 2022?Wonderful Machine – May 2022Rick – They have several programs they can run. They are willing to do it. Rick and Samantha will follow up with Wonderful Machine. 
New Business2022 BoardTom MaddreyHoward has an addition under new business. Motion to add Thomas Maddrey as an authorized representative of our chapter bank account. Currently there are three people listed as signers on the account. Backup for account. 
Howard moves that Tom Maddrey be added as an authorized representative of our chapter CHASE bank accountSeconded by GregApproved. 
Howard will make it soWho is staying on the board in 2022?Daniel thinks he will be leaving. Howard thinks he’ll be leaving, happy to helpRick is undecided but there is potential to stay. Jim is staying. YAYSamantha – it depends on life circumstances. Greg is considering staying in a supportive role. Katie is down to be past president Director at Large.Motion to approve that Presidents become Director at Large. Rich Motioned Howard secondedAll approved. 
Who is interested in being president and VP?Table and add to the top of next month’s agenda. Who else can we ask to join? Add to events to let people know that we are looking for new board members. MEETING ENDED HERE

Let’s grow the diversity on the board. Mid month optional, casual meeting for board members either in person or by call – InterestPaul Weinrauch’s Business Class at Red Rocks 11/18 9amWould like someone from ASMP to visit his business course on 11/18 at 9am

Ongoing Projects
Ongoing DEI /Jen Magnuson DEI LiaisonDiversity, Equity & Inclusion Progress:BIPOC + LGBTQ+  Student Scholarship Application Flor, Jim & Katie – Do orientation with these new student members. Update:Flor – Check in with these students in a few months to see what they think of ASMP and how it’s helping them.
Speaker Resources: Can we make an archive for this in the DEI resource page on the website?Update from Katie: Yes, I’ve put it on our website on the DEI Resource page.
DEI GraphicRMCAD AIGA student group is working on itThey’ll present at next board meeting
Translating About Page & DEI Mission Statement into Spanish – Jen is asking Flor, about asking her wifeUpdate?
Important Report Items: Katie will fill these in
Katie Warnke/President
Treasurer/Howard Paul
Membership/Flor BlakeActive Members: 159
Newsletter/Daniel Hirsh34% Open Rate (Avg is 39%) 7% Click Rate (Avg is 8)8.5% Bounce Rate (Avg is 10)Sent to 924Opened 28220 Clicks. Top clicks:
1. Shooting on location by Flor 2. Coffee meetup3. Dave Rosberg (feature)
Please get me information for newsletter by 9/26/21.
EventsUpdates & Recaps
2021 Events Schedule2021 Events Schedule:  Events Calendar 
Recent Event RecapAssistant Workshop – Cancelled due to Delta Variant
Upcoming Event Details and DiscussionWhat do we need to accomplish this month?
CoffeesSeptember 13thTentatively will be in personOutdoor coffee space- Caffe SolDaniel will host 
Brews and BusinessOctober 4th – Virtual for now.Topic/Speaker – NeededTime management?
2022 Headliner eventN/A
Mini WorkshopsN/ASpecial Mike’s Camera event in Sept.? TBA online
Assistant workshopI am working on two timelines in case we have to switch to onlineWe need a poster with QR codesRED ROCKS Community College!!In person with a hybrid twistSet up four types of shoots – a cycle of sets. Role Playing – Situational – Make it FUN!Food – Jennifer Olson?Product – Paul Gomez, Ok w/CeramicsPeople – Flor Blake? Christina Kiffney?Architecture – David MarlowMarketing yourself as an assistant. How do you find work? (Panel?)How do you budget/price yourself as an assistant? (Panel?)Who? Can be out of state as this will be online no matter whatHybridFriday night panel onlineLive stream the eventQ & A at the end for online separateWe need to find people for Panel and Demos and look outside our core group.  Membership part of workshopTalk to National on how to do this again How do we register workshop attendees as new student members? Katie: I believe we just send their contact info including mailing address to Molly + Howard sends a check.Need to send marketing, PDF and social media files by November, with all the details, to start getting students to register.Greg contacted  marketing director of CMC and Joseph GambleMake funny social media ads.“Save the date” ads
Business RoundtableTuesday, November 9, 2021Move to online due to Delta RMCAD – 4 rooms – We need our speakers ASAP to get this marketed to the schools.Social Media Marketing – Howard may have a backup. Greg might also have a leadCore Marketing- Jen could contact Heidi Groverman Flor, do you know anyone?Cost and Pricing (CODB)-Need/ Greg, Ideas?Find your Niche – RickOnline One group will be onlineFood? – RMCAD’s catering service 
Holiday partyLet’s figure out some other groups to partner up withNative AmericanLatin XAAPIBlack PhotographersThe One ClubAIGA is in! Would like to partner with some sort of event.Ad Club of COCPACWe need to equally contribute. Clear detailed expectations.With COVID, plan an online event?  Or just scratch it again this yearMaybe a virtual escape room or some other fun networking event?Won’t display winning printed images here, but rather at the 2022 BBQ, (hopefully that will be in person)
Upcoming 2021 Big Events2021 Round Table – Fall/November – 11/9/2021 at RMCAD2021 Holiday Party – December
Upcoming 2022 Big EventsPhoto Assistant Workshop – April 1-3, 2022?
General ASMP Members invited to be Heard