Blog Post Round-up: COVID Safety on Set!

Chicago photographic professionals Jason Lindsey, Christy Schmid, and Hannah Soto have been doing great work outlining ways to maintain safety on set during COVID-19. Check out these posts detailing their firsthand experiences and research!

Photo courtesy Jason Lindsey.
Shooting with COVID Safety and Creativity in Mind

Over the next few weeks, photographer Jason Lindsey will be sharing his experiences on set during COVID-19, with topics ranging from safety, travel, staying true to creative vision, streaming, and more. He begins this series with an overview post illustrated by photos from several recent shoots. Click here to read his important and timely advice!

Photo courtesy Christy Schmid.
Chicago-based photo producer Christy Schmid¬†recently released the results of her latest Chicago Crew Survey about safety on set. Christy anonymously surveyed 60 crew members of different production jobs in Chicago to catalyze discussion and help everyone have safer productions. Click here to download and view the full report or read Christy’s key takeaways here.

Photo courtesy Hannah Soto, Grey House Productions.

Have you been wondering how to maintain sustainable practices even with an influx of disposable products on set? Hannah Soto, Founder and CEO of Grey House Productions outlines creative solutions for reducing waste during COVID-19 in this insightful blog post. Click here to read the tips!