Photo courtesy ASMP member William Jones

Specialty Groups in the ASMP Forums

ASMP members are involved in various photography specialty areas, and the ASMP Forums were created to host discussions about topics related to professional development, business resources, and client connections in the specialty groups.

Assistants and Emerging Photographers

Open to everyone at every level – and to non-assistants and established professionals, this forum is dedicated to helping assistants and newly-emerging photographers succeed and advance professionally, recognizing that those labels are fluid; some people choose to become full-time assistants as a career, other photographers never assist at all, and everything in-between. We welcome you all – check out the Welcome post on the forum itself.
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Chapter Leaders and Staff

This forum is open to all chapter and national board members, and the staff of ASMP. Most of the things chapter leaders deal with have been experienced by their leadership peers around the country, and by national board members (many of whom were on chapter boards, and all of whom are now Liaisons, whose job is to help chapter boards accomplish whatever they need to accomplish). You can discuss everything from how vouchers work, to planning events, to how to run contests – anything at all that chapter leaders face.
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Drones of every kind are now a permanent part of the photo industry. Some ASMP members have been doing this work for many years, and some are just thinking about how to go about gaining experience. This forum is for everyone at every level to learn from each other.
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General Discussion

This forum is wide open – anything you think is not addressed in the other forums, things you found of interest to other professionals, questions for staff and board, ideas, complaints, and suggestions. It’s up to you!
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This forum is moderated by our Executive Director and an attorney retained by ASMP. This organization has imbedded in its genes that we are all here to understand legal issues and to support professionalism by knowing how to craft solid contracts, understand the needs of clients, and protect and promote the rights of creators. Feel free to ask about anything. Be sure to read the first-ever post by Executive Director Tom Kennedy, and attorney Nathan Hoerschelmann to understand how to benefit from this forum.
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