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Chapter Zoom Event Request Form

Due to the new ASMP requirement that all scheduled ASMP Chapter events are to be virtual events instead of in-person events until further notice. ASMP is offering chapters the opportunity to host their event on the ASMP Zoom platform.

To streamline the event planning process, we have created the Chapter Zoom Event Scheduling Form below for submitting your request for a time slot to schedule your event on the ASMP Zoom calendar.

To request a Zoom webinar or meeting (recurring or one-off meetings), please complete the form below. ASMP National will accommodate the scheduling request in a timely manner. To allow for accommodation of Zoom scheduling conflicts and sending announcements to your chapter team, please submit request form at your earliest convenience.

Currently we are not able to schedule any events on Wednesdays or Fridays for the foreseeable future due to National webinar schedule. Also, please check the National Events page for current list of scheduled events before selecting date/time to avoid scheduling conflicts, as we can only accommodate one event for select date/time.

To ensure a timely set up, we are providing the following instructions to guide you during the planning and promoting phases that should be completed and/or considered prior to your event.

Pre-Event Preparation

  • Chapter determines whether event will be a Zoom “webinar” or a Zoom “meeting”

Note: A Zoom WEBINAR is designed to accommodate a presentation by a guest speaker and/or host followed by a Q&A. Attendees cannot interact verbally with the presenter/host, but can submit questions in the Zoom Q&A sidebar for response by the presenter/host. Webinars can accommodate up to 500 attendees.

The technical side of the webinar event will be coordinated by Doug Pizac. Doug will work with chapter presenters to ensure that technical /audio set up is optimal for presenters before event date/ and day of event.

Note: A Zoom MEETING is designed to accommodate an open discussion among attendees. All attendees would join the meeting and all can interact verbally with all other attendees. Meetings can accommodate up to 100 attendees.

  • Chapter selects potential dates/times for event
  • Chapter drafts event post on chapter site
  • Submit the Chapter Zoom Event Request Form to request scheduling Zoom event
  • National will confirm event date and generate Zoom registration link
  • Chapter will add Zoom registration link to the chapter event post

Pre-Event Promotion

  • Chapter to promote event via regular chapter communications
  • National will promote chapter event via National channels – website, eblasts, social media

Zoom Technical Support for Webinars

Once webinar event is scheduled, Doug Pizac, ASMP Zoom Coordinator, will send an email to the chapter event host and guest presenter(s) to confirm Zoom meeting protocols for event. Doug will also offer to schedule a pre-event test run to confirm that all technical protocols (Zoom application access, audio, connectivity, etc.) are in place for event date if needed.

If you have any questions about the Zoom event request process, please submit an email to

  • Event Details

  • A Note Regarding Scheduling and Start Times: Events are scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis. If your first date/time are already booked, we will attempt to schedule the event using your second choice. “Start time” is the time you want your attendees to arrive. ASMP will add 30 minute bumpers to the front (for pre-pro) and back (in case the event runs long) of your event.

  • Custom Questions: These are questions you’d like to ask of your registrants when they sign up for the event. Questions can be short answer or multiple choice and can be optional or required. By default, registrants are asked if they are members of ASMP and if they have questions for the Host or, if the event is a Webinar, the Panelist(s). If you'd like to add one or two custom questions please enter that text here.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • If event is a Meeting, you're done! Please scroll down and click the “submit” button at bottom of the page.

  • If event is a Webinar, please continue to the questions below before submitting.

  • Webinar Invited Panelists: Zoomspeak for speakers or guests. A Panelist is anyone who is seen & heard during your Webinar.

  • Approval Options

  • More on Invited Panelists:

  • First Panelist

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Second Panelist

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Third Panelist

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Email Follow Ups: Zoom can automatically send out two email follow ups per Webinar. One goes to Attendees and thanks them for attending. The other goes to Absentees (individuals who registered but did not attend) and includes language like, “Thank you for registering. We’re sorry we missed you.” Both emails have a link to ASMP’s Legal/Advocacy Fund. If you’d like to include additional text within either of these emails, please enter that text here.

  • Thank you! You will get a confirmation via email with further instructions when your event has been scheduled.