Photo courtesy ASMP member William Jones

Chapter President’s Checklist

While the position of Chapter President is a volunteer one, it carries with it certain responsibilities: to your chapter, to the ASMP National organization and to your fellow members. Take some time to review your chapter’s resources and funding and develop plans and programs that are realistic and doable. Don’t overload yourself or your volunteers. This checklist has been put together to provide you with brief answers to some of the questions you will encounter along with references to additional sources of information. Bookmark the Chapter Resource Center. If you have questions that are not readily answered by this checklist or the noted references, don’t hesitate to contact your Chapter Liaison to the Board or James Edmund Datri, Chief Executive Officer.

Much success for your tenure as Chapter President!

Officers & Directors

  • Must have five or more directors on board. Officers are elected from directors.
  • Must have at minimum a President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Officers and directors may be Professional or Associate Members.
  • Treasurer, no more than 3 consecutive two year terms (6 years).
  • ASMP Constitution
  • ASMP Chapter By-laws


  • Must hold at least every two years. (See Article V of the Chapter By-laws).
  • Determine timeframe for call for candidates.
  • National conducts all chapter elections if an election is needed. All elections are conducted online. Please contact Jacie Carter for additional information.
  • If there are no contested board positions, no election is necessary, and all declared candidates are seated to the board.
  • Chapter board elects officers for new term.


  • See ASMP Chapter Policies in the ASMP Bylaws.
  • Have at least one checking account.
  • Inform the National office every April, after elections, of account number(s), banking institution and authorized signatories.
  • Balance checking account at least bi-monthly.
  • Know which taxes and forms are required locally, and complete them.
  • Know the reporting requirements.
  • Read and understand Using the Voucher System and the Voucher System Instructions.
  • Download, print and complete the Voucher Form.
  • Know the Federal (IRS) tax and reporting requirements. Copy any filed forms to the National office.


  • Maintain chapter member mailing, email and telephone list.
  • Send out at least four written communications per year, not less often than quarterly.
  • Use a combination of web, email and newsletter.
  • Be aware and remind officers and members that emails and bulletin board postings can result in lawsuits for libel, copyright infringement and other causes for action.


  • Hold a minimum of four meetings per year (each quarter).
  • List on website and in quarterly communications.
  • Delegate tasks, location, speakers, food, chairs.
  • Rotate chapter officers overseeing meetings.
  • Use the National Speaker List and the Recommended Programs list.
  • Use other chapters’ program ideas (and contribute your own ideas).


  • Per-member dues allocation from National of $30 per Professional Member, $25 others (except students, surviving spouses, reciprocal affiliate members).
  • Remember that meetings can be a source of income. Members should pay less than non-members or not at all. Arrange local sponsors such as photo businesses.
  • To avoid potential conflicts, contact National prior to contacting potential sponsors who do business on a national basis.
  • Contact regional potential sponsors, not national ones.


  • Quick reference guide to processing applications.
  • Know categories and requirements.
  • Appoint a “people person” as membership chair.
  • Have current membership materials and applications available, especially at meetings.
  • Recruiting: Be active and visible, and encourage the rest of the board to do so as well.
  • Invite potential members to meetings and gatherings. Waive admittance fees if they join.
  • Process applications immediately. Sitting on them can lead to unhappy applicants and lawsuits.


  • Contact the National office with any questions.
  • Check with the National office regarding any matters which may have a national scope. See Responsibilities and Liabilities of Chapter Leaders item 3, Communications, which refers you to Article 17, Section 5 of the ASMP Constitution. When in doubt, ask.
  • Inform National office immediately of any threat of legal action toward chapter or chapter leadership

Chapter Operations

  • Delegate. Don’t try to do it all yourself.
  • Plan for new officers as well as your successor, and help them plan as well.
  • Assess resources, financial and volunteer, and work within those parameters.
  • Need help? Contact your Chapter Liaison.