American Society of Media Photgraphers
Chapter By-Laws

Chapter By-Laws

These By-Laws were enacted by the national board of directors, and they are to be placed in force by every chapter. Any chapter may have additional policies as it sees fit to supplement these By-Laws.


The ________________ Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. (“ASMP”) is a regional branch of ASMP which exists to further the interests of the Society within the geographic region which has been chartered to the Chapter.


These By-Laws of the Chapter and any amendments to them shall not conflict with ASMP’s Constitution or By-Laws. If there is such a conflict, these By-Laws shall be void to the extent of the conflict. These By-Laws and any amendments to them will not be effective unless and until they have been reviewed and approved by ASMP’s legal counsel or his or her designee, either before or after enactment, for compatibility with ASMP’s Constitution and By-Laws. Any matter of Chapter governance which is not addressed by these By-Laws shall be determined by the policies of the Chapter in effect from time to time to the extent that those policies shall not conflict with ASMP’s Constitution or By-Laws. If there is such a conflict, or if there is no existing Chapter By-Law or policy concerning a matter of Chapter governance, the Chapter shall be deemed to have adopted the relevant provisions of ASMP’s Constitution, By-Laws and Policies.

There shall at all times be a Board of Directors of the Chapter, consisting of (not fewer than five) Professional and/or Associate Members as elected by the Professional Members of the Chapter for terms not to exceed two years. Vacancies on the Board shall be filled as determined by the majority of the remaining Directors. Successors shall serve the balance of the vacated term. Officers of the Chapter may serve as Directors.

A. There shall be at least three officers corresponding to President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. The officers may be Professional and/or Associate Members. The Board of Directors shall decide whether to have the chapter officers elected by the Professional Members or to appoint the officers, itself. In the event of a vacancy in an individual office, the other officers shall fill the vacancy by succession. Any vacancy not so filled within 14 days shall be filled within 30 days after the vacancy in such manner as may be determined by the majority of the Board of Directors or, if not so filled, by special election by the Professional Members.

B. The term of office for the Treasurer of the Chapter shall not exceed two years. No person may serve as Treasurer for more than three consecutive terms and, in no event, for more than six consecutive years. No person who has served as Treasurer for three consecutive terms may serve as Treasurer until he or she has been out of that office for at least two years.


(Revised June 2018)

A. Chapter elections shall be held every two years at minimum.  Adequate measures shall be taken to insure elections are held in a fair and impartial manner.

B. Elections shall be by electronic ballot and made available to all Professional Members of the Chapter in such a way as to insure secrecy and authenticity of the ballots.  The national organization will supply the software for the election, provide communications to Chapter voters, and conduct elections. Chapter leaders are encouraged to participate in the planning and execution of elections.  However, should chapter board members be unable or unwilling to participate, elections will nonetheless be held on the following schedule:

1 – A call for nominations shall be issued via direct email to all chapter members, and simultaneously announced “above the fold” on the home page of the chapter website.

2 – Board nominations need to be received by the same date the following month in order to be included on the ballot.

3 – Statements and bios must be received within the following three weeks to be included on the ballot.

4 – Elections shall be held on the first day of the following month and run for 14 days.

5 – Results shall be announced via email to all chapter members, and “above the fold” on the home page of the chapter website, no later than the 21st of the month.

6 – The new board will be seated on the first day of the following month.

C. Should a Chapter desire to have an election in less than a two-year window, national board liaisons and staff will collaborate with the Chapter to plan an election.

D. In the event that the call for nominations results in a situation in which no available position is contested, the nominees shall be deemed to have been elected by default.

The officers shall be responsible for the proper management of the Chapter. Administering the Chapter’s finances and carrying out the Chapter’s obligations of financial reporting shall be delegated in the first instance to the Chapter’s Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer; however, responsibility for all aspects of the Chapter’s finances and all reporting obligations, whether or not financial, shall at all times be borne jointly and severally by all of the Chapter’s officers.

A. The Chapter shall hold meetings for the Chapter members not less often than quarterly.

B. The Chapter shall send written communications not less often than quarterly to the members, informing them of upcoming events, current matters of local interest, and matters of national news not covered in the Bulletin.

C. The Chapter shall maintain at all times a current mailing, email and telephone list for the Chapter membership.

The officers and directors of the Chapter recognize that one of the primary reasons that chapters were created by ASMP is the recruitment of qualified new members and shall take all appropriate steps to recruit qualified new members, including the appointment and oversight of a membership chair. Recruitment shall not, however, be at the cost of the quality of the membership or vary from ASMP’s standards for membership as set forth in Article II Sec. 1 of ASMP’s Constitution, By-Law No. 1 of ASMP’s By-Laws, or such other corresponding provisions of ASMP’s governing documents as may be in effect from time to time.

These By-Laws may be amended from time to time by majority vote on referendum to the Professional Members of the Chapter. The proposals for such referenda may be made in writing by motion of the Chapter’s Board or by petition of a Professional Member signed by not less than:

A. five Professional Members of the Chapter or

B. ten per cent of the Professional Membership of the Chapter,

whichever number is the greater. The proposed amendments shall be submitted to ASMP’s legal counsel for review before being mailed to the membership. In any event, no amendment shall be effective until after review and approval by ASMP’s legal counsel or his or her designee and majority vote of the Chapter membership.