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Come and Celebrate Tom Kennedy’s Retirement

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On July 3, ASMP Executive Director Thomas Kennedy will be retiring from his position after years of shepherding this organization and supporting its members from Capitol Hill, to all 38 chapters, and every place in between. But before we lament his (well-deserved) opportunity for a break, come and celebrate in a virtual get together this Thursday, July 2 @ 3:00pmET. Come and join as we celebrate Tom and his time here at ASMP! See you...
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2020 – A Time for ASMP Transition

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ASMP Members, Colleagues, and the Entire Visual Creator Community, I joined ASMP 41 years ago in 1979 when I was early in my career, co-sponsored by two fellow Florida members who were my mentors at that time. Part of my decision to join was based on the way I saw ASMP support fellow photographers and enhance their careers. Fast forward to a point in late 2014, some 35 years later, and I was given the…

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Building Stronger Communities This Thanksgiving

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As we move into the period of another ending year, major holidays loom. One is Thanksgiving, a time when we gather with family and friends to share and give thanks for the abundance in our lives.  While the origin of the holiday may belie the harsher realities present in the national experience from even before our nation’s formal founding, it also reflects some of our deepest aspirations for summoning up the “better angels of our…

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Giving Thanks in 2018

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I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you all have time to step away from the challenges and stresses of daily work to spend quality time with family and friends, sharing blessings, joys, and laughter. It is also a time to reconsider how we can use our talents, time, and resources to give to others around us who may simply need our attention and support.  For me, Thanksgiving is deeply intertwined…

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Leading for the Greater Good

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Last week, I was out of the country attending the annual World Congress for the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organizations (IFRRO) in Athens, Greece.  While there, I learned of two terrible things happening in the United States – 1) the murder of two African-Americans in Louisville, KY as an apparent hate crime, and 2) a spate of mail bombs sent to members of the media and prominent politicians, including two former presidents.  Then after…

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ASMP Stands with Our Colleagues at The Capital Gazette

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ASMP is deeply saddened by the shooting on June 28 at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland. Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith and Wendi Winters were killed in their newsroom, and others were wounded. We support their families, the staff at the newspaper, and journalists everywhere who work to inform the public. This terrible tragedy that has just happened is now all too common in this country.  The reality is that violent…

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