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Personal Projects: Robert Ripps’s “Negativityness,” a Response to Today’s Political Climate

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Cross-posted from Pro Photo Daily [by David Schonauer] Editor’s Note: Robert Ripps is an ASMP Professional Member out of the New York Chapter. What can trees tell us about today’s America? Quite a lot, says photographer Robert Ripps. A few years back, Ripps was working on a series that, as he puts it, “examined how urban trees survive, how their environment shapes them and in return, how they shape their environment.” The work was put…

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Check Out These Photographers Who Are Bringing BLM Into Focus

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Cross-posted from Pixsy [by Robin Gillham] Editor’s Note: Lynsey Weatherspoon is an ASMP Professional Member. For many in the United States, the present moment is a reckoning for the institutional racism that has plagued the country for centuries. In more than 150 cities, people have taken to the streets and are calling for an end to police brutality and historic racial injustice. The demonstrations were sparked by the on-camera killing of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis in…

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Faceless Faces in Public Places by Sam Kittner

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Faceless Faces in Public Places presents people exhibiting determination and hope as they interact with their daily environments amid the angst of this unprecedented era, capturing the affection they show for their communities and the vital nature of place even during a pandemic. The collection, with over 80 black-and-white photographs, is composed of street photography showing adults and children wearing protective masks as they go about their lives in local neighborhoods within the Washington, DC, urban core. The…

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The Bob & Melissa Project by Don Manning

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ASMP photographer Don Manning released a Retrospective documentary, ‘The Bob & Melissa Project’ originally created in 1992 and never before presented. The project explores the lives of a couple living with pre-existing mental health conditions. Bob found solace in writing and recording music while grounded in a simple faith. The story continues today while the US healthcare system is in turmoil. Pre-existing conditions that affect 50% of the US population will no longer be covered…

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Gas and Glamour by Ashok Sinha

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Gas and Glamour is a tribute to America’s golden age of the automobile, a time when cars themselves were objects of beauty and the act of driving was celebrated. Those cars are no longer on the streets today, but the celebratory roadside vernacular architecture from that era remains. Ashok Sinha is a respected architectural photographer and prominent ASMP New York Chapter Member, where he also serves on the board of directors. Given that Covid has…

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Families for Humanity by Doug Schneider

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Families for Humanity is a portrait documentary book by ASMP Photographer Doug Schneider that chronicles the spirit of Westchester County, New York residents in the throes of a global pandemic. Schneider’s book highlights images of 122 families spanning 15 Westchester communities, displaying differences in sizes, culture, ethnicity, and age. Schneider’s moving photography shows an array of individuals experiencing a shared sense of uncertainty, discomfort, and hope. All proceeds from this book are earmarked for On…

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Trees: Between Earth and Heaven by Art Wolfe

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Cross-posted from The Sierra Club [by Austin Price] In his new book, Trees: Between Earth and Heaven (Earth Aware Editions, 2018), photographer Art Wolfe turns his lens to the woody and fibrous, carbon-sequestering perennials that define so many landscapes around the world. The book includes flat-topped acacias in the African savanna, towering spruce and cedar wrapped in moss, twisting and twining koas and banyans, and giant sequoias covered in snow. But to an artist like Wolfe, trees…

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ASMP Member John Rae Wins Silver in France’s Px3 2020 Photo Contest

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Cross-posted from PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris The public hospitals were the center of the pandemic in the United States. This series of photographs from 9 days and all 11 hospitals documents the heroes of healthcare and their bravery, resourcefulness, professionalism, doggedness, and heart. John Rae is a professional documentary and commercial photographer based in NYC. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and leading International Nongovernmental Organizations. For 20 years John has photographed extensively…

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Member Project: Rape Victims Search For Answers, Justice and Closure

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For months Memphis freelance photojournalist and ASMP Professional Member Karen Pulfer Focht worked on an in-depth project about aging rape victims seeking justice. The Memphis Police Department confirmed in 2013 it was holding 12,000 older rape kits, many never tested for DNA. Evidence suggests other kits were lost or destroyed. Many victims are still seeking justice, answers and closure from cases that go back as far as 30 years. The project ran as a three-part…

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The Art of the Personal Project: Stephen Wilkes

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Cross-posted from aPhotoEditor [by Suzanne Sease] Today’s featured artist:  Stephen Wilkes. Stephen is known for his masterful ability to capture the heart of what makes this country what has always has been, a mixing bowl. While things may feel unsettled right now, it’s a moment to reflect, to look at images that reinforce what makes us all uniquely American. We are a strong nation, we are a resilient nation and we are a caring nation….

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