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Drone Photography—The FAA’s Attempts to Regulate, and an ASMP Member’s Response

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For a few years now, ASMP has been tracking the laws and regulations related to drone photography and videography. Recently, one company in particular had been at odds with the FAA about certain classifications. SkyPan International was founded in 1988 by president Mark Segal. Segal is a long-time member of ASMP, but as a general member and in leadership, his company uses drone technology to capture aerial panoramic photography above private property in urban areas…

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ASMP Launches Legal Clinic

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    Each day, the modern photographer addresses multiple legal issues in their businesses. Whether it is copyright, contracts, or other legal requirements, photographers have had to up their game with basic legal knowledge to ensure that their work and livelihood is protected, and that they are compensated fairly for their work. ASMP is well aware that legal services can be a very expensive line item in a photographer’s budget, especially if legal counsel is…

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ASMP Position on Spec Work

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Recently, many companies have attempted to gain world class photography through “spec work”. This is reprehensible conduct by many companies that should know better. As an organization focused on protecting the interests of commercial photographs and the visual art community, ASMP has always taken a stand against this practice. Let us be clear: there is no place in the visual art market for spec work. What Is Spec Work? Spec work is short for speculative…

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ASMP and NPPA Ask the U.S. Supreme Court to Protect Photographers from Copyright Infringement by States

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The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), joined by five other visual arts associations, weighed in on Tuesday in a copyright case that is going to be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court in November, and asked the high court to determine that states cannot freely infringe on copyright. Read the Brief Here Background States generally have a defense called “sovereign immunity” which protects them from being sued for…

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ASMP Seeking Information about Copyright Infringement by States/State Entities

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As part of our mission to protect photographer’s rights, ASMP is authoring a brief about copyright infringement by states or state run institutions. This is especially important if the state has argued that they have “sovereign immunity” from the infringement. This brief is for a case that will be heard in front of the US Supreme Court this fall. If you have any examples of these infringement situations, please send a message to Tom Maddrey,…

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A Victory for All Photographers, Court Reverses Fair Use Ruling

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Today, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a ruling that found it was acceptable to take another’s photograph to use on a website, upholding the rights of all photographers not to have their work stolen under the guise of “fair use.” This ruling by the Fourth Circuit helps to add to the growing body of case law in infringement and fair use, and is a strong message that photographers’ rights are vital to the…

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Reversal of “Fair Use” Ruling in Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Commended by ASMP and NPPA

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Contact Information: American Society of Media Photographers Thomas Maddrey, General Counsel 214.702.9862 National Press Photographers Association Mickey Osterricher, General Counsel 716.983.7800 Alicia Calzada, Deputy General Counsel 210.825.1449   Reversal of “Fair Use” Ruling in Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Commended by the American Society of Media Photographers and the National Press Photographers Association FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Richmond, VA – Today, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a lower court’s…

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ASMP and Other Visual Groups Address Grande Tour’s Photographer Agreement

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ASMP, along with 14 other visual arts organizations, have signed onto a letter written by NPPA and sent to the management of Ariana Grande regarding the Grande Tour’s Photographer Agreement in use on her upcoming world tour. ASMP will always stand up for the rights of photographers, and is proud of joining this effort to promote equity and fairness in photography.

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USCO Has Issued a Technical Amendment to Rules for Registration of Photographs

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The Copyright Office (USCO) has recently announced a small change to the way that registration of published and unpublished photographs are submitted. Now, you are able to use hyphens, underscores, and other punctuation in the filenames of submitted images. This small change will help photographers more efficiently access the system, and successfully copyright their works. See below the details of the recent changes. The U.S. Copyright Office has issued a technical amendment to the…

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Decision in Fourth Estate Spurs Senate Action

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Cross-posted from If you have read my previous blog posts on the recent US Supreme Court Decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLC (see here and here), you know that I have been concerned with how that decision would affect copyright applications and the impact on claimants ability to take legal action. While my immediate response remains negative, a recent letter to the Acting Registrar of Copyrights Karyn Temple, signed by…

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