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Screenshot of article about John Lewis cover on TIME

The Story Behind TIME’s Commemorative John Lewis Cover

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Cross-posted from TIME [by Olivia B. Waxman] “In 1963, Steve Schapiro, then 28, was on assignment for LIFE magazine, photographing prominent civil rights activists, from James Baldwin to Fannie Lou Hamer. One day, while following Jerome Smith, a participant in the Freedom Rides that raised awareness of interstate bus segregation, he went to Clarksdale, Miss., to document one of the many training sessions that were taking place in church basements across the South. In those meetings, volunteers studied…

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Wyden Attempts to Stall CASE Act: Senate Holds Are Not Supposed to Be Dead Ends

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Cross-posted from IP Watchdog [by David Newhoff] “When a bill has overwhelming bipartisan support, the public is right to demand that Senator Wyden explain, in very clear terms, why he alone believes he knows better.” Under Rule VII of the Rules of the Senate, bills can only move forward by unanimous consent. Consequently, a single senator may place a “hold” on a bill to keep it from passing. In principle, the rule exists to ensure…

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Screenshot of Paul Fusco obituary posted on Magnum Photos.

Paul Fusco: 1930 – 2020

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Cross-posted from Magnum Photos Paul Fusco worked as a photographer with the United States Army Signal Corps in Korea from 1951 to 1953, before studying photojournalism at Ohio University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1957. He moved to New York City and started his career as a staff photographer with Look, where he remained until 1971. In this role he produced important reportages on social issues in the US, including the plight…

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Screenshot of video posted on Fstoppers

It’s Not Just About Sports Photography, but Life as Well

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Cross-posted from Fstoppers [by Mark Dunsmuir] What will sports look like without an audience this year? Renowned sports photography Andy Bernstein is going to be part of the NBA COVID-19 bubble, and he’s going to share it with us. Coming from CBS Los Angeles, Bernstein sat down with reporter Jim Hill to talk about his involvement in the NBA’s bubble. Bernstein is a legend in sports photography, so seeing and hearing his excitement at being a…

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Photographer Wins Madonna, Keanu Reeves Pics Infringement Ruling

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Cross-posted from Bloomberg Law [by Kyle Jahner] RageOn Inc. infringed photographs of Madonna and Keanu Reeves through t-shirts offered for sale on its website, a New York federal court ruled. Photographer Deborah Feingold showed that the registration on her book “Bright Moments Photographs + Philosophies” covered the Madonna photo because it wasn’t previously published as defined by the Copyright Act, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York said Wednesday. The court also rejected…

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Screenshot of article posted on The New York Times

The Black Photographer Making History at Vanity Fair

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Cross-posted from The New York Times. [By Jessica Testa] “Until about two weeks ago, Dario Calmese didn’t know he was the first Black photographer to shoot the cover of Vanity Fair. But he had a suspicion, so he asked the editors, who went digging. “There was an image that had long lingered in Mr. Calmese’s personal reference folder: ‘The Scourged Back,’ an 1863 portrait of an enslaved man whose back is ravaged by whipping scars….

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Stop Senator @Ronwyden and Big Tech From Crushing Creators’ Hopes for S. 1273 The CASE Act

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Cross-posted from Music Tech Policy [by Chris Castle] U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is up to his old secret trickery, this time on Senate Bill 1273 the CASE Act.  We need to do something about it. The CASE Act is the bipartisan copyright small claims legislation that is inches from becoming the law of the land. The CASE Act establishes the first and only meaningful relief against Big Tech for independent creators.  The long-time Senator and swamp…

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Screenshot of article posted on NME

The Beatles’ Photographer Fiona Adams Has Died Aged 84

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Cross-posted from NME [by Nick Reilly] Fiona Adams, the photographer behind some of the most recognisable snaps of The Beatles, has died at the age of 84. Adams, who became of the band’s most frequently used photographers, is best known for the memorable shot of the Fab Four jumping off a Brick Wall on London’s Euston Road. It famously adorned the cover of 1963’s ‘Twist And Shout’ – the group’s first UK EP. Read more

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Screenshot of article posted on Creative Future

Back to School: How a Pulitzer-Winning Photographer Took Copyright Law into His Own Hands

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Cross-posted from Creative Future [by Justin Sanders] For most creatives, when faced with the pervasive problem of litigating infringement of their work, the solution is to hire a lawyer. For photographer Earl Richardson, the solution was to become a lawyer himself. A former photojournalist, Richardson experienced the decline of the newspaper industry from the inside. At the beginning of his career, when the industry was thriving, he shared a Pulitzer Prize with the photography staff…

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