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ASMP Advocacy Update: March/April 2020

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As we all know far too well, our copyright system does not work well for photographers, especially high volume photographers. Determining what work to register and when to do so is confusing. The registration process is archaic, costly and time-consuming.  Determining whether and when work has been published as required by copyright law can be incredibly difficult and getting the determination wrong can result in the invalidation of a registration in a subsequent infringement action….

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What We Learned This Week: SCOTUS Rules States Cannot be Sued for Copyright Infringement

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Cross-posted from Pro Photo Daily [by David Schonauer] Coronavirus wasn’t the only photo news this week. On Tuesday we learned that the US Supreme Court ruled that a videographer who spent two decades documenting the salvaging of Blackbeard’s pirate ship cannot sue the state of North Carolina in federal court for using his videos without his permission. The ruling was a victory for states claiming immunity from copyright infringement lawsuits, noted NPR, and, added The Art Newspaper, a…

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Copyright Office Announces New Fees: How does this affect you?

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The United States Copyright Office (USCO) announced February 19, 2020 that it’s “adopting a new fee schedule for services in the following areas: registration, recordation, record retrieval, search and certification, the Licensing Division, and other services.” This USCO change stems from a series of studies conducted to determine what fees need to be modified for services provided by the USCO. The USCO revisits this issue every three to five years and considered over 160 public…

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