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Obituary: Photographer Peter B. Kaplan, 79

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Editor’s Note: Peter B. Kaplan was an ASMP Life member. There will be a gathering to celebrate the life of Peter on Sat, March 30th from 1-5pm at The Jackson Inn located at 101 N Dupont Rd Wilmington, Delaware. Cross-posted from [by David Walker] Photographer Peter B. Kaplan, best known for the vertiginous photographs he shot from atop New York City buildings, bridges and the Statue of Liberty, died March 19 in Wilmington, Delaware….

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How self-taught photographer Gordon Parks became a master storyteller

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Cross-posted from the PBS NewsHour.  ASMP Legend Gordon Parks was one of the great photographers of the twentieth century.  A groundbreaking image-maker, he was also the first black photographer to work for Life Magazine, the first black director of major studio movies, and he wrote novels, books, and music.  The PBS NewsHour has produced a video about Parks, and about an exhibit of his work currently at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC….

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8 Reasons to Check Out The National Gallery of Art’s Gordon Parks Exhibit

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Editor’s Note: Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history – and the achievements of pioneering photographer and ASMP member Gordon Parks are awe-inspiring and continue to influence photographers and impact the public discourse in 2019. See his work on display at the National Gallery of Art through February 18, 2019. Cross-posted from Gordon Parks is a…

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10 Most Important War Photographers You Should Know

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Editor’s Note: War photographers Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa were both ASMP Life Members. Cross-posted from Expert Photography [by Craig Hull] Many male and female photographers place their lives on the line each day around the globe. These war photographers go out to report conflicts, battles and skirmishes. And to bring news to the public. Without these brave photographers, many issues may never have come to light. Here are 10 of the best war photographers…

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Rafael Alvarez: Dream Street Christmas, 2018

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Editor’s Note: The late W. Eugene Smith was an ASMP Member. Cross-posted from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [by Rafael Alvarez] Let’s dream about something, as Gene Smith might have done as he took 17,000 photographs of Pittsburgh back when Ike was in the Oval; something more miraculous than a white Christmas. What if, in this season of giving, the fates allowed you to bestow anything — and I mean anything — upon one person? Who would…

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A Chat with Photographer Steve McCurry About His Life and Work

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Editor’s Note: Steve McCurry is former ASMP Professional Member. Cross-posted from PetaPixel [by Michael Zhang] Renowned photographer Steve McCurry recently sat down with journalist Kate Snow for a drink and to chat about his life and career. This 15-minute segment by NBC Nightly News offers a peek into the mind of the celebrated (and recently controversial) photographer of Afghan Girl fame. One of McCurry’s original motivations for becoming a photographer was a desire to travel the world. After not being able…

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