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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

ASMP’s Best of 2015

By December 31, 2015October 28th, 2016Best of 2015, Bulletin Magazine

2015 marks the XI anniversary of our annual publication of the Best of ASMP. This year, our three illustrious jurors:

carefully considered more than 200 projects, and then debated the merits of the work during a lively conference call to narrow the field to thpese 24 finalists. Click on the portraits for an extended interview with each honoree, representing ASMP’s membership at its best.

Alan Perry © Alan Perry

Alan Perry
© Alan Perry

Ashok Sinha © Geoff Green

Ashok Sinha
© Geoff Green

Barbara Karant © Nancy Bush

Barbara Karant
© Nancy Bush

Dick Busher © Dick Busher

Dick Busher
© Dick Busher

Dolly Faibyshev © Harry Greenberger

Dolly Faibyshev
© Harry Greenberger

Elliott Kaufman © CREDITS

Elliott Kaufman

Forest McMullin © Andrea McMullin

Forest McMullin
© Andrea McMullin

Fred Levy © Jeffu Warmouth

Fred Levy
© Jeffu Warmouth

Hannele Lahti © David Labrozzi

Hannele Lahti
© David Labrozzi

Lowepro: Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier
© Ian Spanier

John Slemp © John Slemp

John Slemp
© John Slemp

Luke Copping © Luke Copping

Luke Copping
© Luke Copping

Peter Glendinning © 2014 Breanna Garvin

Peter Glendinning
© 2014 Breanna Garvin

Robert Seale © James Nielsen

Robert Seale
© James Nielsen

Stephen Wilkes © Greg Gorman

Stephen Wilkes
© Greg Gorman

Timothy J.Fuss © Timothy J.Fuss

Timothy J.Fuss
© Timothy J.Fuss

Travis Duncan © Travis Duncan Photography

Travis Duncan
© Travis Duncan Photography

Vicky Stromee © Margo Barnes

Vicky Stromee
© Margo Barnes

Lynn Fyffe © Lynn Fyffe

Lynn Fyffe
© Lynn Fyffe

Mabry Campbell © Hall Puckett

Mabry Campbell
© Hall Puckett

Mariah Karson © Photobook SF

Mariah Karson
© Photobook SF

Mick Stetson © Won-kyung Cheon

Mick Stetson
© Won-kyung Cheon

Patrick Heagney © Brian Rosenkrans

Patrick Heagney
© Brian Rosenkrans

Peter Dusek © Peter Dusek

Peter Dusek
© Peter Dusek

Each year, the ASMP Best Of Issue highlights the talented ASMP members making remarkable work, selected by a jury of notable creatives and influencers in the photography community. ASMP’s Best Of 2015 is a celebration of 24 photographers from 12 chapters in the U.S. who, combined, shoot a range of commercial, editorial, fine-art, documentary and personal work.

In ASMP’s Best Of 2015, you’ll see conceptual work from photographers such as Patrick Heagney, who creates transformative paper worlds, and Lynne Fyffe, who employs clever visual puns in her beverage work. Much of the portrait work considers the diversity and legacy of American culture, from Dolly Faibyshev’s exploration of the American Dream, to Forest McMullin’s series on black cowboys, to the documentation of American veterans in two separate personal series by Mariah Karson and John Slemp. There are some canine contributors this year, too: Luke Copping and Fred Levy each used their cameras to assist in finding homes for shelter dogs, while Hannele Lahti enlisted seven pups to help rip apart stuffed toys for her series.

We thank each ASMP member who submitted work to this year’s Best Of. All work entered during the call-for-submissions period is considered for coverage in subsequent issues of the <i>ASMP Bulletin</i>. We look forward to seeing your new work in the coming year!

Jacqui Palumbo
Managing Editor, ASMP Bulletin

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