Best Practices – Commissioning Architectural Photography


The American Institute of Architects and ASMP have jointly developed these documents to describe today’s best practices for architectural photography. The purpose is not to prescribe any particular actions, but rather to establish a set of shared expectations and a common vocabulary so that the professional goals of both architects and photographers can more easily be met.

The five documents in this series are available here as web pages. Individual full-color PDFs may also be downloaded from the AIA Best Practices library or from ASMP’s archive and freely reprinted.

Selecting A Professional Photographer From AIA From ASMP
Understanding a Photographic Assignment Estimate From AIA From ASMP
Controlling the Cost of a Photography Assignment From AIA From ASMP
Licensing Photographs for a Publication From AIA From ASMP
Preparing for Professional Photography: A Checklist From AIA From ASMP


The complete set is also available as a two-color PDF brochure (16 pages, 8½ x 5½-inch size fits a 6×9 envelope) that may be downloaded and freely reprinted.