Todd Joyce

Don’t Tell and Do it NOW!

We all make new promises to ourselves each year and most are broken by the end of January.   Promises tend to focus on being better at something (e.g physical shape, better communicator, better at marketing or to be more open to new ideas or styles). Some of the terms...

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Friends in Motion

Tony and Joe are two of my best friends.   They get me and I get them.   We’re also working together in motion to further our abilities and businesses.   We’ve done many paying jobs together and spent hundreds of hours testing and creating pieces to help build our...

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What’s Your Legacy?

Years ago, an ASMP chapter (Dallas, I think) coordinated a show of projected member images with the theme “what five images do you want to be remembered for, when all is said and done?”  The show was hosted in a funeral home with a live piano player.  Yes, a bit dark,...

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Happy Business New Year!

I treat Labor Day more like New Year’s Day than January 1st.  Each Fall, throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned to start new school years.  At summer’s end, we would enter a new grade with new ideas and information.  We’d meet new people and establish new...

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