Sean Kernan

Taking it Further

If this week’s bloggers have about 20 years of experience each, that’s 100 years of know-how right there, so I can’t wait to see what the others say. It should go well beyond “tips,” and I’m bound to learn something. Here’s what I’ve got: It is no secret that the...

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Opening a New Door

At first, photography was not a career for me. It was a way out of a job that had stopped being creative (in theater, of all places), and a way into a universe that was larger than anything I’d ever suspected was there. Up to that point I’d spent my life first as a...

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Get Real!

When I look at photographers’ websites they are mostly built on the stuff they do for clients…you know, the stuff we all do. And there are lots of reasons to set things  up that way. But often there’s a page called Personal Work, or something like that, shyly tucked...

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The young Piet Mondrian was painting over some older canvases he had done. “Why are you doing that?” A friend asked. “Those are perfectly good paintings.” “I’m not trying to make paintings,” Mondrian replied, “I’m trying to find things out.” We all began by making...

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Summer Reading

A great way to get inspired and to exercise your imaginative vision is to slip outside photography altogether. Which is why I recently disappeared into Isaac Babel’s Red Cavalry short stories for a few weeks. I lived in the grind and the confusion and the human-ness...

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