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Webinar with Canon: The RF Lens Mount – A Look In Front of What’s Behind Canon’s Mirrorless Cameras

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Tuesday, June 16 @ 3 p.m. EST Choosing to shoot with a mirrorless camera is not only about size and weight. At Canon, designing a new camera system from the ground up provided an opportunity to make major advancements in lens technology that will carry still photographers and videographers through the next several decades. This webinar will focus on mirrorless cameras, with specific emphasis on lens technology and the new Canon RF lens mount, what...
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Webinar: The Importance of a Quality Portfolio Edit

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Wednesday May 27 @3pmET Join us for a special webinar with Linda Levy from Workbook.  She will be doing a semi-live portfolio review.  She’s been doing some preliminary work with two of our members, Amy Scott and Jason Pietroski.  Linda will present her process and show in real time how she makes her decisions on images and puts them into a sequence.  Linda believes there is a big difference in a good portfolio vs a...
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ASMP Relaunches Strictly Business Conferences for 2020!

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ASMP is excited to launch the Strictly Business 2020 conferences around the country.  Years ago these popular conferences jump started the careers or many of our members. Today ASMP believes that creative content is so important to today’s visual culture that we must support those who are making it by providing the community and business development that can help them build sustainable careers.  The Strictly Business 2020 Conferences will help build those communities as well…

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