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Trees: Between Earth and Heaven by Art Wolfe

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Cross-posted from The Sierra Club [by Austin Price] In his new book, Trees: Between Earth and Heaven (Earth Aware Editions, 2018), photographer Art Wolfe turns his lens to the woody and fibrous, carbon-sequestering perennials that define so many landscapes around the world. The book includes flat-topped acacias in the African savanna, towering spruce and cedar wrapped in moss, twisting and twining koas and banyans, and giant sequoias covered in snow. But to an artist like Wolfe, trees…

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A Group of Historians Is Arguing to End the Coloring and Modernization of Old Historic Photos

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Cross-posted from [by Jack Alexander] As per Wired, a number of historians are making calls to stop the colorization and modernization of images from decades past. Updating photos to resemble modern eras “obscures” history, they argue. An increasingly popular service over recent years, advances in technology have allowed for the colorizing of old photos and video footage, giving a fresh insight into scenes from history. However, not everyone is a fan of the process,…

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Her Majesty: A Photographic History 1926–Today 

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Cross-posted from GQ There is, of course, no easy way to sum up a near-70-year reign in a single image. When the Queen came to the throne in 1952, she was the head of state for perhaps half a billion people in the world; now, it’s hardly clear that the United Kingdom will outlive her. But her total dedication to public service has remained constant, and with it, her popularity. She’s the most recognisable British…

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Reconstructing Journalistic Scenes in 3D

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Cross-posted from Research & Development at The New York Times A goal of journalism is to bear witness to history as faithfully as possible. This is especially true for photo and video journalists, who put themselves close to the action in order to visually document events. Visual journalists are always searching for new technologies to help them capture more detail and get the news out faster. But they’ve operated within the constraints of a camera…

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Mary Ellen Mark: The Book of Everything

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Cross-posted from Steidl Books Conceived and edited by film director Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark’s husband and collaborator for 30 years, The Book of Everything celebrates in over 600 images and diverse texts Mark’s extraordinary life, work and vision. From 1963 to her death in 2015, Mark told brilliant, intimate, provocative stories of characters whom she met and engaged with—often in perpetuity. There was nothing casual or unprepared about Mark’s approach; she unfailingly empathized with…

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ASMP Canon Business Series: Pitching By Design

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Through more than a decade of representing photographers, Jenna Teeson has learned there is more to the pitch than just the numbers. She will discuss how preparation, the package and the presentation can be the difference between landing a dream project and getting ghosted by an art producer. Creative Director Brian Bergeron will show you the difference between a well-designed and effective bid treatment that encourage engagement and builds trust, and one that falls flat....
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Tamron Announces a Compact $549 70-300mm F4.5-6.3 for Sony E Mount Cameras

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Cross-posted from [by Gannon Burgett] Tamron has announced the release of the 70–300mm F4.5–6.3 Di III RXD, a lens deemed as ‘the world’s smallest and lightest telephoto zoom lens for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras.’ The lens is constructed of 15 elements in 10 groups, including a low dispersion element for minimizing aberrations. Autofocus is driven by Tamron’s Rapid Extra-Silent Stepping Drive (RXD) motor technology. Read more

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Photographer Brendan Barry Creates a Giant Camera Obscura Using a Customs House

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Cross-posted from [by Jeremy Gray] Photographer Brendan Barry was commissioned by the Exeter Canal and Quay Trust to turn a room in the Custom House in Exeter, U.K. into a large camera obscura. Barry had a residency at the Custom House in Exeter and during his time, he used a variety of analog cameras to capture images of Exeter Quay. Of his work, Barry says, ‘My work aims to challenge our understanding of what…

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Fstoppers Interviews Legendary White House Photographer Pete Souza

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Cross-posted from Fstoppers [by Alex Cooke] Editor’s Note: Pete Souza is an ASMP Member. Pete Souza needs little introduction. As the Chief Official White House Photographer for two presidents, Souza had the crucial duty of documenting innumerably many historical moments, a job he did with an empathetic touch that has made his work the model for many aspiring photographers. I recently had the chance to speak with Souza about his work, his approach, and his new…

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Guest Blog Post – by Motorsports Photographer Zach Bolena

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Special blog post by multimedia creator Zach Bolena, courtesy of Sony. My fascination for motorsports started at a young age but it was not until later in life when I started racing and really experienced the competition, speed, and adrenaline first hand. Needless to say, I was hooked from this point on. When I suffered an injury racing I went back to another passion of mine with photography and video. The passion I had for…

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