Tegan Keller

  • Address: 7525 W Utah Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232-2112
  • Email: Tegan@tegankstudios.com
  • Phone: 518-986-2148
  • Website: Http://www.tegankstudios.com
  • Specialties: Digital Tech, Capture One, Production Assistant Experience
  • Assisting Since: 2010
  • Day Rate: $400.00
  • Travel: Will travel up to 40 miles without surcharges.


I’m a seasoned digital-technician, photo assistant, and photographer, getting my sea legs in NYC + Boston, and have now been assisting in Denver for 4+ years. I love being a part of a larger team and helping bring others’ visions to life. I’m very detailed oriented on set, can aid in creating lighting design, styling products/rooms, as well as traditional gear hauling and organizational abilities. Positive attitude + friendly demeanor included!

I have a U.S. Driver’s license and an American passport, have experience traveling nationally as an assistant, and own a 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk capable of transporting a 9′ seamless. I can drive both stick and automatic transmissions, vans, trucks, and cars alike, including “stunt” driving for ride behind shots. Experience hauling gear and lighting equipment at altitude (11,000ft+) in Colorado by foot, ski/snowboard, bicycle, or snowmobile. I am available for assisting, PA-ing, and digital-teching work worldwide.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Tethering: Canon & Nikon DSLRs, Mamiya, Hasselblad, 4×5, Phase One, and Leaf digital cameras + backs. Tethered shooting into Capture One Pro (Certified Digital Technician), Leaf Capture, Phocus, Lightroom, and CamRanger.

Video experience: Have worked on sets for promotional + social media videos, commercials, instructional classes, episodic series, interviews, news station, and with drones (indoors + out).

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

I have been on large production sets & small two man shoots in the areas of editorial, advertising, portraiture, product, lifestyle, food, industrial, agricultural, medical & healthcare, architecture, adventure, photojournalism, pets, events + event activations.

Experience hauling gear and lighting equipment at altitude in Colorado by foot, ski/snowboard, bicycle, or snowmobile.

Comfortable working with studio strobes, tungsten/hot lights, kinoflo, LED panels, speedlites, and natural light. Experience with various light modifiers.


Capture One Certified

References & Endorsements

Photographers across the country that I’ve worked with:

Adam Clear
Andrew B. Meyers
Andy Mahr
Annette Slade
Ashton Rodgers
Blu Hartkopp of Blue Iron Photography
Bumper Photography
Cheryl Clegg Photography
Chip Kalback
Chris Sessions Photography
Chris Shinn Photography
Chris Stanford
Christopher Barrett
Connie Imboden
Craig Washburn
Craig Washburn
Daniel Bedell
David Friedman
David Goodman
David Lauer
David White
Dewey Nick
Ethan Tweedie
Frank Monkiewicz
Paul Gomez of Gray Box Studios
Jason Elias
Jason Grow
Jeff Coolidge of Coolidge Studio
Jeff Nelson
Jeffrey Totaro
Jessica Grenier
Jim Darling
Joe Friend
John Segesta
Kim Cook
Lawrence Anderson
Marc Morrison
Marcus Smith
Mark Kornbluth
Mark Lipczynski
Mark Stevens
Mark Waldron of Studio 27
Mark Weiland
Marla Rutherford
Matthew Mckee
Mary Beth Koeth
Micheal Grecco
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Nina Gallant
Paul Trantow of Altitude Arts
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