Samantha Behrens


Samantha Behrens Is an enthusiastic photographer that looking forward to work in their field to study and gain experience. She is a team player that works well under pressure and always can remain true to goals. Being a Colorado native she is always looking for inspiration from this continually growing state and the industry.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Software proficient Adobe Photoshop; Retouching, masking and selections, RAW, color correction. Proficient in Lightroom; Workflow management, editing, exporting. Computer literate in Windows XP, MacOSX, Microsoft Suite XP.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

Lab Technician at Red Rocks Graphic Design Lab from August 2017-August 2018.
Teacher Assistant at Red Rocks Community College for Photoshop, Lightroom and Film and Dark room classes.
Production Assistant with NBC Universal/BluPrint


Professional Photography AAS -Certificate Fine Art Photography -Certificate Professional Photography -Certificate Intro to Photography

References & Endorsements

Paul Weinrauch of Weinrauch Photography
(303) 909-1059

Katie Warnke
(303) 588-7446