Rick Corwine


Completed course work at Hennepin Technical College Commercial Photography Program. Ready for full time work as an assistant willing to work when ever you need me on short notice. Serving as Vice President of local ASMP Chapter.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Experience with Canon and Nikon DSLR, Photoshop, Lightroom, basic Capture One. Also experienced with an ancient media know as film.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

Photogenic, Elinchrom, Speedotron, Broncolor, ProPhoto, Keno Flo and other continuous lights. Can drive anything that doesn’t require a special license have a mid sized station wagon.

References & Endorsements

Assisted with;
InsideOut Studios
Best Buy Studios
Joe Michl
Scott Amundson
Sara Rubinstein
David Sherman
Joe Szurszewski