Peggy Tio

  • Website: Https://
  • Specialties: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Wedding/Event Second Shooter
  • Assisting Since: 2020
  • Travel: Will travel up to 25 miles without surcharges.


My name is Peggy and I am a florist as well as a photographer. I owned The White Orchid for 8 years. My arrangement is influenced heavily by Ikebana (Japanese form of arranging flowers) which emphasizes on art and creativity. As for photography, I am a current student at Arapahoe Community College and I am currently enrolled in the commercial lighting class. It has been a great journey so far as I learnt a lot about creating drama in product photography through lighting as well as taking pictures of shiny metals and glass which could be tricky. In the past few months, I had been taking many portraits photography (seniors, family, head shots, and environmental portraits). I believe there are still a lot of room for improvements and I am eager to learn by observing from other photographers on their work process, technique and how they interact with clients. Commercial photography has always been my interest in this journey. I love the interaction and collaboration between photographer, videographer, stylist, and producers in order to produce advertisements.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

I always shoot in RAW. My camera, Sony A7iii, has 2 SD card compartments and I have backup RAW files just in case one SD card is full. I tried to shoot at ISO100 but if the lighting condition is not great, I have to increase my ISO to 800. Beyond that I will use the speed light to avoid noise. I will set to a single white balance for the same sets of images depending upon time of day and locations. Depending upon the kind of photos I am shooting, I would use tripod especially for product or food photographies. I always use a heavy tripod as some of the lenses I owned are big and heavy.

As for post production, I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I download all the images to Lightroom and have all the color and size adjustments done. Then as a final touch, I will use Photoshop to remove dust or unwanted and distracting stuffs from the photos as well as skin smoothing, brighten iris, etc.

I took Digital Photography, Photoshop, and commercial lighting courses at Arapahoe Community College. I am planning to continue taking more classes such as Portraits Photography as well as Photoshop2. I also attended few webinars from well known photographer such as Serge Ramelli, Jerry Ghionis, and Lindsay Adler to learn their photography processes.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

As briefly mentioned in the Bio as well as Digital workflow qualification, I am a student at Arapahoe Community College. I learn using lighting equipment such as Profoto strobes, light modifiers, beauty dish, colored gel, grid, dots, boom, c-stand, speed light, continuous lighting (florescent lighting), barn door, etc.

As for grip qualifications, since I setup all the gears including camera and lighting, I learned it from Arapahoe Community College too.


I am an Industrial Engineer and I received my degree from San Jose State University in 1995. I also have my MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University in 1998. I received my Flower arrangement teaching certification from Sogetsu Ikebana in 2010. Currently I am pursuing a Photography degree from Arapahoe Community College.

References & Endorsements

Angela Belt Farris – Arapahoe Community College, Digital Photography Department
Brad Bartolomew – Arapahoe Community College, Head of Commercial Photography
John Johnson – Arapahoe Community College, Photoshop Instructor