Gregory Smith


Broad background in all forms of communication. Two degrees from Ohio University College of Communication, with extensive art study, as well. See bio and more at

While I am fully qualified and operate as a photographer, writer and editor, I love and crave collaboration. As an assistant, I know how to step back, shut up and support the photographer, director and/or producer. I am not a young turk who will try to steal your thunder or your clients.

My personal situation makes marketing and management of my own creative business difficult right now. Hence, I am eager to help you serve your clients while I continue my ongoing learning.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Extensive experience with both film and digital SLRs. Familiar with most camera systems.

Expert with Lightroom, Photo Mechanic and Expression Media (iView). Photoshop skills focused on accurate rendition of scenes, but also panoramic and HDR assembly, basic masking and image assembly. Some experience with Aperture and Bridge.

Early and ongoing experience with color calibration, particularly of computer monitors.

Outstanding research and verbal skills, including copy editing and writing for publications and associations around the world. I know how to get and craft captions and other metadata. And I am expert at improving all written communication.

Recent master’s degree and other training have expanded skills into video and audio, including work with gathering and indexing Foley sounds, and syncing sound from multiple sources. I also know how to make interviews shine – with light, good audio, and if needed, pointed questions and follow up. Experienced also with remote camera mounts and managing equipment in hazardous situations, especially salt water. Competence with Final Cut Pro (having produced an award-winning documentary), Soundtrack Pro, Audacity and several other video/audio packages.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

Extensive work with location lighting with strobes, particularly Dynalite systems, but also Speedotrons, Broncolor and more. I know to use and read light meters to build lighting combinations. And I understand color.

I specialize in creating natural-looking, balanced scenes, but I’m also experienced with more dramatic, stylized sets.

Scouting experience for Calvin Klein and others, with good geographic knowledge of the entire Southeast, most of the Mid-Atlantic and inter-mountain West, as well as Kansas, Oklahoma and much of Arkansas and Missouri.

I’m an experienced carpenter, electrician and plumber, learning the basics of those trades while building my own house, which has stood strong for 25 years. I have worked on building sets, balancing lighting and sound on stage and on sets. I know how to select and assemble materials that are both affordable and strong.

References & Endorsements

Upon request.