Greg Cooper


An Australian-USA resident based in Boulder, Colorado.

I have extensive experience as first assistant in the studio and on location for many commercial photographers. I feel comfortable working in a studio, in a corporate office, in a medical department or on a Colorado mountain.

I also travel throughout the USA working as first assistant and guest presenter for the Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller with his Canon sponsored Sports Photography Workshops.

My job is to reduce your stress, anticipate your needs, and ensure a seamless shoot. I am professional, courteous, personable, a team player, punctual, detail oriented, patient, able to maintain focus for long periods of time, work under pressure, and solve problems. Oh, and I also have a great memory for coffee preferences!

Knowledgable, skilled and experienced with the following:
– Canon DSLR systems and lenses and speedlites
– Phase One camera systems
– Profoto, Westcott, Godox, Dynalite, Elinchrom, lighting – monolights and power packs
– All styles of lighting modifiers and grip equipment (including remote ca
– Tethered shooting
– Apple OS
– Adobe: Lightroom, Photoshop
– Photo Mechanic
– Capture One Pro (19 & 20)

Other info:
Legal USA Resident
Drivers license – and safe driving record
Reliable vehicle – Toyota RAV4
Valid Passport
Eager to work and travel interstate or overseas
Fit, energetic – able to work outdoor locations and hike 14ers
Positive and professional attitude onset at all times

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Knowledgeable and highly experienced with:
– Canon EOS systems: 1DX (& Mark III), 5D Mark III & IV, 5DS R, Canon EOS R
– Canon EOS system of lenses – Entire range from fisheye, tilt-shift to telephoto and super telephoto
– Canon Speedlite system: 600EX-RT, Transmitter ST-E3-RT
– Pocket Wizards – transmitters/receivers
– Phase One camera system
– Adobe Suite – Lightroom & Photoshop
– Photo Mechanic
– Capture One Pro (19 & 20)
– Tethered shooting
– Apple OS – MacbookPro
– Remote camera set-ups

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

Highly experienced and knowledgeable with:
– Profoto, Westcott, Godox, Dynalite, Elinchrom lighting – monolights and power packs
– All major brands of lighting modifiers, grip systems (including remote camera setups)

References & Endorsements

Peter Read Miller – Three years ongoing experience as 1st assistant and guest presenter for the Peter Read Miller Sports Photography Workshops (Denver; Pheonix; Knoxville; Las Vegas, Santa Clara). Contact: 310-545-7511
Blu Hartkopp – 1st assistant for various commercial portraiture shoots – both studio and on location.
Contact: 303-588-6761
Howard Sokol – 2nd assistant for various multi-day commercial shoots: on location and studio
Contact: 303-433-3353
Steve Hirsh – 1st assistant for various commercial shoots – studio and location
Contact: 303-475-7730
Jessica Grenier – 1st assistant and PA for various commercial food photography shoots – studio and location
Contact: 720-984-4517
Jon Rose – 1st Assistant on commercial location (medical facility) shoot
Contact: 512-773-6016