Erica Price


Comfortable driving in any type of NYC traffic. Have a valid driver’s license and passport. Willing to work on weekends and have flexible weekday afternoon hours. Avid swimmer, very comfortable in open water. Can speak and read fluently in Russian.

Digital Workflow Qualifications

Digital cameras: SLRs, medium format backs.
Medium/Large Format film scanning.
Photoshop, Lightroom, CaptureOne and other image manipulation tools.
Color management device calibration and profiling for printing and online display.

I have an IT and software development background.
Can build and fix custom (PC) computer systems.
Configure file archiving and backup systems.
Website development, networking.
Video/Audio capture and mixing.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

Have first hand knowledge with lighting. e.g. speedlight and strobe and light modifiers. Profoto, Bron, Canon.
Location scouting and local knowledge of Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Covid-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO)

References & Endorsements