Alexander Butterfield


I’m not weird. I show up on time. I don’t talk too much. I don’t talk to little. I’m a good dude that can hustle or chill.

I have worked for:
Ariana Linquist
Bobbi Peacock
Craig McNitt
Dana Wheelock
Danielle Gernes
Dean Topliff
Hunt + Capture
Jake Armour
JJ Bitter
Jessica Zerby
Joe Treleven
Joey Tichenor
John Christenson
John Wagner
Lucas Zarebinski
Michael Haug
Pari Dukovic
Stefano Azario
Stephanie Hynes
Tanya Silver
Scott Strebel
Jonathan Chapman

Digital Workflow Qualifications

In CaptureOne I have worked as capture tech with up to 4 monitors. I’ve used Lightroom in the past – it’s pretty easy to navigate. If you need someone to watch and manage the tether and backups while the clients monitor and pick/tag I can do that. If you need someone to do compositing or changing colors of things onset – that’s not me.

Lighting & Grip Qualifications

This is a long list. I used most of the normal stuff. If you have something exotic like a Briese Light (which comes with its own tech anyway) just let me know.