August 2015 Newsletter

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Message from the Executive Director

19ddfb20-63d4-4331-9f2b-45ed326ad34bWe need to band together to continually speak up for the value of our contributions to culture and visual history so it changes perceptions among clients and the public. To do that we need to express ourselves clearly and frequently about our passion and the meaning of the work generated by that passion.

I love this quote from William Glasser as being relevant: ‘If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior’.”

Tom Kennedy, ASMP Executive Director

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Send Your Input for ASMP’s Online National Board Meeting

As a follow up to the June ASMP National Board Meeting in Raleigh, NC, ASMP National board and staff members will come together virtually for an online board meeting on Thursday, September 17. Members are encouraged to send suggestions, ideas or any issues they would like the board to discuss to ASMP National Board Chair Jenna Close at

Call to Action – Band Contracts

ASMP is collecting examples of photography contracts used throughout the music industry to form the basis for a cohesive advocacy effort within this arena. We seek examples containing terms that are favorable to photographers as well as those with unfavorable terms. Learn more here. Please share this link with any photographers who may be able to help.

dASMP Membership Committee Seeks Input

The ASMP National Board and Staff have committed to maximizing the value and benefit of ASMP membership. As part of that process, ASMP Membership Chair Irene Owsley is evaluating special offers, discounts and other incentives that would bring added value to members. Please email your suggestions of specific products, vendors or benefit categories that you would like to see ASMP offer to



  • Extended negotiations between ASMP South Carolina and the South Carolina Tax Commission have yielded an important ruling that photographers are not required to charge sales tax on transactions where images are delivered electronically. “For 35 years, I’ve struggled against the South Carolina Tax Commission’s position that taking pictures is a manufacturing process subject to sales tax,” notes ASMP South Carolina President Brian Dressler, “My newly elected position as President of ASMP SC gave me the authority to convince the Tax Commission to revisit photography in light of a recent ruling exempting software downloads where no tangible goods changes hands. The results prove once again that ASMP is photographers helping photographers.” Click here to read the full ruling.
  • ASMP members can apply for free legal representation through New York law firm Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP’s externship program, which matches Columbia law school students with individuals and small businesses for pro bono legal counsel in lawsuits involving cutting edge copyright issues. The students work under the supervision of Cravath attorneys David Marriott and David Kappos. Learn more about the program, eligibility criteria and application process from the Copyright Alliance.
  • ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy will travel to New York City to represent ASMP at the annual Authors Coalition of America meeting September 8 – 9. The Authors Coalition distributes non-title specific reprographic royalties to member organizations for the benefit of authors, including photographers. Learn more at
  • On July 23, ASMP submitted a comprehensive response to the Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry to review “how certain visual works, particularly photographs, graphic artworks, and illustrations are monetized, enforced and registered under the Copyright Act.” Our response focused on several critical areas including:
    • The need for effective remedies, such as a specialized Copyright Small Claims Court, to counterbalance the rampant infringement of photographic works that involve sums too small to justify litigation in federal court.
    • Flaws in DMCA take-down procedures that protect infringers while placing an undue burden on rightsholders.
    • The aggregation of visual content by technology companies that amass venture funding and advertising revenues without returning any share to the visual creators whose work they are capitalizing on.
    • The reliance on expanded interpretations of the Fair Use doctrine as justification for widespread appropriation and misuse of copyrighted works.
    • Extensive client, event and venue demands for Work Made For Hire and Copyright Transfer as contractual workarounds to bypass the intent of Copyright and traditional licensing models.
    • Challenges posed by the registration process including the confusing rules surrounding the separation of and distinction between published and unpublished works and the lack of an effective API that would allow third party software developers to create drag and drop registration from within photo editing applications.

    Click here to read the full response.

  • On June 9, the U.S. Copyright Office issued a separate Notice of Inquiry requesting comments on “a limited pilot program that would establish a legal framework known as extended collective licensing for certain mass digitization activities that are currently beyond the reach of the Copyright Act.” Originally due August 10, the deadline has been extended to October 9, 2015. ASMP supports the Copyright Office’s assessment that a limited collective licensing mechanism could be an effective solution to issues arising out of mass digitization but only if implemented in a way that adequately protects photographers’ interests. ASMP is currently working on a response outlining our position on this issue and welcomes your comments. Click here to read the NOI.
  • It’s time to act. For the first time in 50 years, Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office are in serious discussions about modernizing copyright for the digital age. If you care about being able to earn a living as a photographer, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Support ASMP’s advocacy efforts by donating to our Legal Action Fund. Whatever you can afford – $25, $10, or even just $5.00 – will make a difference if enough people contribute. Support your future! Donate to ASMP’s Legal Action Fund right now and ask every photographer you know to do the same.




Ask Anything!
with photographers’ rep Heather Elder
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
1:00 – 2:00 pm eastern
ASMP’s Business as unUsual webinar launches our new season with a new format featuring 60 minutes of non-stop Q&A with the incomparable Heather Elder. Twenty years of representing an insanely talented roster of photographers and a long-standing commitment to fostering community and transparency, make Heather one of the most knowledgeable and approachable industry experts around. From working with a rep, art buyer or producer to marketing and portfolio development, selling your services, managing client expectations and resolving client conflicts, this free ASMP webinar invites you to ask anything* about what it takes to make it as a professional photographer today. REGISTER TODAY!

*Submit your questions when you register and bring extras to the live event. We’ll get through as many questions and topics as time permits.

Questions with a Pro
Don’t miss Seth Resnick, Harry Benson, & Michael Clark sharing their thoughts on business, creativity, marketing, technique and more in our Questions with a Pro series on Facebook and Twitter. Check in every Friday to find your favorite pros answering 2-4 of our questions. #questionswithapro. Got questions you’d like to ask or a Pro you’d like us to feature? Send your ideas to

Coming up on the Strictly Business Blog
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ASMP Webinar Recordings
6e52b7fc-8efb-416a-a61d-4e6de100588bSummer is the perfect time to catch up on any ASMP webinars you may have missed. With nearly 30 recordings covering marketing, pricing, portfolio development, copyright, social media and more, you’ll find a depth and breadth of information custom tailored to your needs as a professional still or motion photographer. ASMP members get free access to these recorded webinars on demand or as downloadable MP4 files. Visit ASMP Webinars for a complete listing of available programs.



ASMP Architecture at AIA Convention
ASMP Architecture Specialty Group Co-chair Jonathan Hillyer took the lead on this year’s presence at the annual AIA convention, which featured 20 prints by members including Lawrence Anderson, Richard Berenholz, Steve Bacci, Michele Curel, Brad Feinknopf, Tim Griffith,Jonathan Hillyer, Anice Hoachlander, Alan Karchmer, David Lena, Trevor Muhler, Denise Retallack, Allen Russ, Genna Sellers and Charles Smith. “A special thanks to my co-chairs,Anice Hoachlander and Judy Davis, for all their efforts in coordinating the exhibit as well asDenise Retallack, her husband Matt Wiggins, Steve Bracci and Genna Sellers for setting up and breaking down the exhibit,” notes Hillyer, “Thanks also to judges Manuel Cadrecha , design director at Perkins + Will, Susan Proper, Executive Director of AIA Atlanta and our own Judy Herrmann for selecting the images for display.” In addition to the exhibit, AIA’s convention website featured an online ad promoting ASMP Architectural Photographers in ASMP’s Find a Photographer searchable database.

e22e75a3-0398-45fc-90c5-f2e6d07c4f02Eric Meola‘s exhibit of large-scale prints featuring tornados, storms and “supercells” of the Great Plains, Storm Chaser: New Photographs, will be displayed at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in Manhattan from September 3 – 27. “ Everything changes in just a few seconds of raw fury,” explains Meola, “These storms have a surreal grandeur-they’re alive, they’re filled with light, they move, they change shape in front of you. Storm chasing pulls you in and it won’t let go.”


For nearly 30 years, The Nature Conservancy has protected and managed more than 285,000 acres of undeveloped land throughout Louisiana. For his latest book, Louisiana Wild, CC Lockwood trekked and canoed throughout these lands to present a vivid photo narrative of one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems on the continent.

2c6dd3e7-7d19-4e1f-a976-da5e8a252a8dIris Debelder is one of 15 women selected by juror Jill Greenberg to receive the 7th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Her image, Untitled, from the series City Unseen will be displayed during the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin in 2016.


SohoPhotoGallery in TriBecA will exhibit In Motion, a collection of photographs by Carol Julien, an ASMP’s Best of 2014 honoree, from September 9 – October 2, 2015.


American Moments: Photographs from The Phillips Collection features over 130 photographs by 33 artists including ASMP legends Berenice Abbott,Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, Imogene Cunningham, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Walker Evans, Louis Faurer, Arthur (Weegee) Fellig ,Clarence John Laughlin, Joel Meyorowitz, Arnold Newman, Brett Weston, and Edward Weston. The exhibit is on display in Washington DC through September 13.


ASMP’s Best of 2014 honoree Daniel Kramer has been documenting multiple aspects of the 3-week all-American spectacle known as RodeoHouston since 2007, particularly the characters and settings surrounding the world’s largest entertainment event. “My photographic access to the actual rodeo is so tightly controlled…But away from the rodeo, I’m in control,” notes Kramer, explaining just one aspect of how he achieves his recommendation to “Make great pictures, period.” See more of his work and read the full interview here.

746d1220-2dad-4ba1-b7b6-2ed37bef3751Stay true to yourself and do what pleases you,” advises ASMP’s Best of 2014 honoree Chloe Meynier whose staged self-portraits explore women’s roles in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Meynier controls every aspect of her creative process, from propping to postproduction and the results speak for themselves. Click here to read the full interview and see more of her work.

In Memoriam: Sadly, Von Buzard, an active member of ASMP Chicago/Midwest, succumbed to pancreatic cancer on July 27, 2015. Von began his career as a film Producer/Director then transitioned to still photography where he built a successful career photographing product/still-life, people and pets for over 30 years. After joining ASMP in 2007, Von quickly became active in chapter leadership, serving as the chapter’s Webmaster (2008-2009), Secretary (2009-2010) and President (2010 – 2012).

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cf46d65e-54c8-4214-a003-0d214702ce70The annual Filter Photo Festival, a multiday celebration of photography, includes workshops, lectures, exhibition receptions, artist talks, and other diverse programming including portfolio reviews connecting photographers with national and international curators, gallery directors, editors, and other elite professionals. Don’t miss the free ASMP sponsored artist talk, 21st Century Hustle with Jonathan Blaustein on Sunday, September 27 from 12:30 – 1:00 pm.

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International Motion Art Awards 4 – Call for Entries
4d3d9f42-f112-4c08-a069-4d03c060f93bThe IMAA4 call for entries is open through August 28, 2015. Expose your work to top creative professionals who assign and utilize motion projects! Winning entries will be featured in a winner’s reel shown at the AI-AP Party and BIG TALK Symposium, November 4-5 in New York City plus a special West Coast seminar and event held at Canon Hollywood on November 10. A searchable slide show announcement sent to AI-AP’s 50,000 subscribers, AI-AP’s website and Motion Arts Pro, AI-AP’s daily email newsletter will also feature the winners. Click here to learn more.


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