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Art, Fashion, Sex: Richard Avedon’s Bohemian Coming of Age

Screenshot of article about Richard Avedon posted on Vanity FairCross-posted from Vanity Fair. [By Philip Gefter] 

Editor’s Note: World famous portrait and fashion photographer Richard Avedon was an ASMP Member. 

“Making his name in the fashion world, the legendary portraitist and his creative contemporaries were forecasting the future of the culture—and the modern American woman.”

“‘Avedon’s greatest creation has been a kind of woman,” photographer Irving Penn once said. ‘I know her. I’d recognize her if she walked in this room. She’s sisterly, laughs a great deal…. To me, this is a very great achievement. It’s a kind of woman I’m talking about projected through one very powerful intellect and creative genius.’ Penn went on to state that Avedon had even forged a new style of woman for the era itself: ‘She’s a very real woman and not to be mixed up with any other age. The way she stands—the curious stance of her feet planted wide apart was something unique—a revolution of the nice woman and the world has changed because of this…. As a photographer, I’m fascinated by Avedon’s frozen instant of a laugh or an expression that comes about. As a moment in time, I’m very fascinated and touched and moved by these.’”

Art, Fashion, Sex: Richard Avedon’s Bohemian Coming of Age

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