8 Reasons to Check Out The National Gallery of Art’s Gordon Parks Exhibit

by | Feb 2, 2019 | ASMP Legends, Diversity in Photography, Strictly Business Blog

Image: The Gordon Parks Foundation

Editor’s Note: Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history – and the achievements of pioneering photographer and ASMP member Gordon Parks are awe-inspiring and continue to influence photographers and impact the public discourse in 2019. See his work on display at the National Gallery of Art through February 18, 2019.

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Gordon Parks is a seminal African-American artist, a trailblazer whose 60-year career featured photography, music, film, writing and painting. Parks is often credited with creating the blaxploitation movie genre, influencing countless African-American filmmakers with Shaft, released in 1971. In the National Gallery of Art’s exhibit, Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940-1950 (on display through Feb. 18), you’ll have the chance to experience Parks’ pioneering photographic work, which features a trademark authenticity that laid the foundation for his time in film and still inspires photographers to this day. We’ve got even more reasons to check out the exhibit…

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