ASMP Fundamentals

ASMP Fundamentals brings together a range of interactive programs, on-demand recordings, tutorials and other educational resources to offer students and faculty real-world insights into the professional practice of still and motion photography. Created by working professionals, the programs and materials provided by ASMP are a perfect course supplement or independent study tool.

Interactive Webinars Right in Your Classroom

Bring ASMP’s experts into your classroom (or auditorium) for a live, interactive webinar. Our AdobeConnect webinar platform supports live webcam, powerpoint, whiteboards and screen-sharing. Students can raise their hands and ask questions via Q&A or chat pods.

Choose from the programs listed below or contact us with your specific needs and we’ll do our best accommodate them. Note: unless otherwise noted, speakers will be selected from our pool of qualified experts at our discretion.

Breaking Into the Biz
Sure, you want to be a professional photographer, and you’ve got talent, drive and ambition — but where do you start? Join veteran photographer Judy Herrmann for an informative and entertaining program that provides a wealth of resources and real world tactics that will help you hit the ground running. To schedule, contact

So You Want to be an Assistant?
Countless professional photographers have launched their careers by working as freelance or staff assistants. Having hired hundreds of assistants for over 25 years, Steve Niedorf knows what works and what doesn’t. Topics include what assistants need to know, marketing, working on set, and making the transition from assistant to photographer. To schedule, contact

The Business of Video
Motion imagery has a multitude of highly unique business aspects. If not handled properly in the beginning of the project, it can cost you both financially and creatively. Gail Mooney has been shooting motion and stills for over ten years and passionately shares how to navigate the waters on the business side of estimating and producing a motion project. To schedule, contact

Copyright Essentials
Every image creator needs a thorough understanding of copyright. Learn how the ownership of the copyrighted work affects you and your clients. To schedule, contact

Registering Your Copyrights
Registering your copyrights protects your business and your clients. Learn how to use the Copyright Office’s electronic registration system (eCO) to register still, motion, CGI, multimedia and other image-rich projects. To schedule, contact

Digital Best Practices
Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies poses a serious challenge for students, faculty and working professionals. ASMP’s website — an ASMP initiative funded by the Library of Congress — can help. Learn how to take advantage of this encyclopedic guide to digital still and motion photography best practices and workflows. To schedule, contact

Pricing and Licensing Basics
A solid understanding of copyright, licensing and pricing is the cornerstone of any successful photography business. Learn the key factors to consider when pricing and licensing your creative work in all sectors of the industry — still and motion, commercial and retail (wedding/portrait). To schedule, contact

Releases, Trademarks and Privacy Rights
When do you need a release? What is the difference between editorial and commercial work when it comes to releases, trademarks and privacy rights? Can all released work be licensed for any use? Learn how to get the permissions you need to license your creative work. To schedule, contact

Copyright Guide from ASMP & PhotoShelter

The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright is a go-to resource that will help you navigate copyright law and learn the necessary steps to keep your work safe. With articles and in-depth interviews by experts from ASMP, it addresses key areas including major trends in copyright today, how to incorporate copyright registration into a daily workflow, the risks to weigh before joining social networks, demystifying what counts as “fair use,” plus copyright for still images and motion. Download this free Guide.
ASMP’s online webinars feature candid conversations that provide the strategies, inspiration and sound advice you need to build a successful photography business today.

Business as unUsual: This monthly webinar series focuses on the business side of the photo business. From marketing and sales to pricing and negotiating, we provide the experts, you provide the questions.

evolution/revolution: Following the tradtition of ASMP’s Times Center Symposia, these big-picture, future-focused conversations examine the state of our industry today and beyond with an eye to providing information you can use to make better decisions.

Register for upcoming live events and access recordings of past programs. To present recorded programs in the classroom, contact

Video Library

ASMP’s video library holds a wealth of pre-recorded content that’s freely available for personal or classroom use, including:

Sustainable Business Models Symposium: ASMP’s 2012 Times Center Symposium focused on emerging business models and the changing role of the professional photographer.

The Future of Art & Commerce: This 2011-2012 series of 10 recorded webinars, co-produced by the ASMP and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), covers vital topics such as copyright basics, understanding fair use, licensing, the impact of technology and new compensation models

Strictly Business 3: Recorded programs from ASMP’s 2011 educational conference features programs on business essentials, creativity, and adapting to changing markets.

ASMP Copyright Symposium: ASMP’s 2010 Times Center Symposium featured a mix of lectures and panel discussions with industry thought leaders including Larry Lessig, David Carson and Chase Jarvis.

Visit the Video Library to access these programs and more.

Written Tutorials

These tutorials are for those of you who prefer to read. They cover all the essential topics of this industry: business forms, copyright, licensing, pricing, how to analyze a contract, social media, releases, terms and conditions of doing business, and video business norms.


ASMP’s Guide to New Markets in Photography, edited by Susan Carr. Published in September 2012, in conjunction with ASMP’s symposium on “Issues and Trends Facing Digital Artists.” This exciting new addition to the ASMP bookshelf focuses in depth on the extreme changes in our industry, and it provides a road map for navigating your skill set into a sustainable and profitable business.

Professional Business Practices in Photography 7th edition, edited by Susan Carr. This book is sent to all new members as part of your welcome packet. Often considered “the bible of the industry,” it covers the business side of being a photographer. Most photographers are independent small business owners, as salaried jobs in photography are now rare. More than 40 industry experts share their wealth of basic business know-how.

Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow Handbook by Patricia Russotti and Richard Anderson. This book is a companion to the dpBestflow website. The book is an excellent reference for emerging photographers and those of you still climbing the hill to learn digital photography. This book will help you learn things like color correction or retouching from the beginning, and it will save you time and money.

dpBestflow (Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow)

This online resource is widely used by a number of prominent institutions. The site will take you from digital capture in still or motion to proper output, based on the needs of your client. Primary authors and managers are Richard Anderson and Peter Krogh.