Photo courtesy ASMP member David Hume Kennerly

ASMP Foundation – Programs

For the past several years, the ASMP Foundation was dormant due to funding challenges and shifts in management personnel. The immediate project of the foundation is to extend and expand past the efforts of ASMP to investigate and produce new avenues of support in ways a trade association cannot. 

We are examining new approaches to ensure that emerging and mid-career talent in under served communities have the opportunity to flourish and to make these communities more visible in mainstream media.   

The Foundation is also seeking collaborative partnerships and philanthropic donors as well as individual contributions from persons who believe in the value of media, art and its practitioners as a force for social good.  We are also looking for partners who could benefit from the visual storytelling expertise the foundation and ASMP members represent, and who might be willing to donate to help fund our programs as we move forward. 

For more information about opportunities for collaborative partnerships and philanthropic donations, please contact ASMP Foundation Chair Michael Shay.

ASMP Donor’s Circle Grants

The Foundation has created a COVID-19 Emergency Cash Grant Program. It is called the ASMP Donor’s Circle. It supplies $250 cash grants to any photographic professional in need of immediate assistance during this pandemic.

For more information about the ASMP Donor’s Circle Grant Program

Click on the button below to apply to the grant program.


Fiscal Sponsorship

The Foundation has launched a new program of fiscal sponsorship that supports projects by partnering with individuals and entities to administer donations under its non-profit 501(c)3 status.

The Foundation is currently a fiscal sponsor for a photographic project called The Face of Immokalee by local Florida photographer Michelle Tricca. This collaborative public art will create a visual metaphor on building walls and semi-trailer trucks, portraying the people and soul of Immokalee, an under served, under recognized agricultural community in privileged Collier County, Florida. 

Donate to The Face of Immokalee project today.


For more information about the Fiscal Sponsorship Program, contact ASMP Foundation Chair, Michael Shay.


With the first year of it’s revival under its belt, the ASMP Foundation has already funded its first new mentorship program done in conjunction with the New Mexico Chapter of ASMP to help underserved communities in that area by picking three emerging and mid-career photographers and offering a person to person learning experience to help further their visual and business skills 

Program currently on hold due to pandemic.

For more information about the Foundation Mentorship Program, contact ASMP Foundation Chair, Michael Shay.