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Meet Your ASMP Experts & Masters Host – Tom Kennedy

Luke Copping interviews ASMP Executive Director, Tom Kennedy, about his experiences as the photography director at National Geographic as well as his views on the current state of the photographic industry.

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About ASMP Experts & Masters Series

The American Society of Media Photographers has introduced a new podcast and live broadcast event called ASMP Experts and Masters. The program brings candid conversations about the craft, business and the culture of photography between legendary photographers, creatives, thought leaders under the guidance of our rotating hosts. It uses a casual discussion format that includes looking at a series of the guest’s images and hearing about the stories behind them.

Host Tom Kennedy is ASMP Executive Director and is a former multimedia editor of The Washington Post and Director of Photography at The National Geographic. Host Luke Copping is an editorial and commercial photographer and current Chair of the ASMP National Board of Directors.

Each podcast episode will be live streamed on Facebook from the Facebook page of Photo Brigade (with just under 38,000+ followers) and the podcast will be available afterward on Adorama’s YouTube page (724,000+ followers) and on ASMP’s iTunes Page (brand new!)

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