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COVID-19 Info News Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic, information, and related actions by local, state, and federal governments are changing by the day. ASMP cannot guarantee or endorse the current accuracy of the information presented. The following links and webinars are being shared as additional resources to all visitors, though we always recommend caution and vigilance for outdated or incorrect information. Although the content we have created was accurate at the time of posting, that may have since changed given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 situation. As a result, please regularly consult federal guidelines and your state and local authorities for updates. Further, ASMP accepts no responsibility, and will not be liable for, the use of or reliance on the information provided. Bottom line? Check and double-check. We strongly recommend it.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly affecting our membership and now more than ever ASMP needs to be there to support all those in our community who identify themselves as professional photographers.

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Webinars & Webinar Archives

ASMP regularly hosts webinars to provide members information about navigating business and legal issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. ASMP invites industry experts to present their insights and vast knowledge to attendees at weekly webinars. Webinar topics include health and wellness, business concerns, among other topics. If you are not able to attend the live webinars, all webinars will be recorded and posted for viewing after the live event.

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To view previously recorded ASMP Strictly Business/ COVID-19 Webinars, go to ASMP Strictly Business/ COVID-19 Webinar Archives.

Town Hall Meetings

ASMP understands this a stressful time for photographers and all creators, and in response, will be holding a series of virtual town hall meetings. During the town hall sessions, the ASMP team will give a quick update on the state of the industry with respect to COVID-19, then open the floor for questions and concerns from attendees.

To view previously recorded COVID-19 Town Hall Q&As, go to Town Hall Webinar Archives.


ASMP is on the legislative frontline working to shape legislative actions that will assist ASMP members impacted by the pandemic. We need your assistance with campaigns to urge Congress to pass key legislation that supports photographers and small business owners.

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Business, Government & Public Health

Health + Safety Guide

The ASMP Health + Safety Guide contains six chapters about topics ranging from evaluating risk to cleaning and disinfecting, along with a list of current resources to assist you in decision-making related to COVID-19 exposure and returning to work.

Business + Legal Guide

The Business + Legal Guide is a companion to ASMP’s Health + Safety Guide for COVID-19. This set of documents, forms, and videos discusses how creators should approach the business and legal issues facing them during the pandemic.  This guide is only available to ASMP members.

ASMP Safety While Shooting Guide

Webinar Video:  A Guide to Shooting Safely

Related Documents

NOTE: All documents are general in nature and you MUST adjust them to your specific situation. This is example language for general circumstances which will change, and may have already changed.

For information about business, government and public health resources to assist in addressing COVID-19 related issues, go to ASMP COVID-19 Business, Government and Public Health Resources.

To share state specific COVID-19 information about government benefit programs or business funding resources with the ASMP community, please log in and go to COVID-19 Forum in the ASMP Forums to post updates.


ASMP Legal team helmed by ASMP Counsel, Thomas Maddrey, presented a webinar, Potential Business Ramifications of Coronovirus (COVID-19) on Thursday March 12, to address the situation, examining many of the possible business and legal ramifications such as force majeure, cancellation clauses, insurance coverage, and best practices in this and other scenarios.

In addition to the webinar video posted below, please find webinar slide presentation pdf for easy access to relevant content discussed in the webinar.

See additional business and legal materials in ASMP Legal Education + Business Hub

SBA Programs – PPP and EIDL Related Articles

07.31.20: PPP Forgiveness FAQ

04.26.20:Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel (Updated – 04/26/20) The PPP / EIDL / SBA Programs Are Now (Almost) Open To New Applications 

04.26.20: Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel  (Updated – 04/26/20) Paycheck Protection Program :: Why Every Photographer, Artist, and Small Business Needs to Apply

04.26.20: Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel Major Updates to PPP and EIDL (Updated 4/26/20)

04.26.20: Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel How to Calculate PPP Payroll Amount for Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors, LLCs and Corporations

04.23.20: Post by TomPost Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel Major Updates to PPP and EIDL (Updated 4/24/20)

04.16.20: Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel The PPP/ EIDL / SBA Programs are CLOSED for new applications/lenders

04.09.20: Post by Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel (Updated) Paycheck Protection Program: Why Every Photographer, Artist and Small Business Needs to Apply

03.31.20: Treasury Issues Guidelines, Application Form for SBA Paycheck Protection Program

03.26.20: How Small Businesses Will Benefit From the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

03.26.20: FTC Alert: Avoiding Scams During the Coronavirus Pandemic

03.25.20: Advice on Handling Contract Cancellations for Photographers

03.23.20: How Freelancers Can Claim Paid Sick Leave in a Coronavirus Emergency

03.23.20: Force Majeur FAQ: When a Pandemic Ruins Your Contract

03.20.20: What We Learned This Week: Photography in the Age of Coronavirus

03.18.20: How to Get Great Audio for Webinars, Online Meetings, and Podcasts from Home

03.13.20: What We Learned This Week: How the Coronavirus Has Altered the Photo Industry

03.11.20: How Freelance Photographers Are Dealing with the Economic Effects of Coronavirus

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If you have questions, or would like to submit suggestions about what ASMP could be providing members to assist with countering the economic and social impacts of this pandemic, please click on the button below to be taken to form.

Creative Resources

ASMP is working with other creator groups to pool resources. Having access to resources for reliable information is a critical element in enabling everyone to make sound decisions. As other groups provide information we deem relevant, we will be posting their content here.

Getty Images: Grants for Editorial Photography Related to COVID-19

LensCulture: COVID-19 Resources for Photographers

Creative Live: CL Now Streaming FREE Health & Wellness Classes

Graphic Artists Guild: COVID-19 Resources

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA): COVID-19 Help Sheet

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA): State-by-State Grant Aid

Professional Photographers of America (PPA): We’re in This Together

Nature Photographers of North America (NANPA): You Got This

American Photographic Artists (APA): APA Coronavirus Resource Hub

Photoshelter Blog: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Photographers (UPDATED 3/19/20)

Phlearn: COVID-19 Resources

LendEDU: Managing Your Finances During the Coronavirus Outbreak (UPDATED: 3/27/20)

COVID-19 and Freelance Artists: COVID-19 and Freelance Artist Resources (UPDATED 3/29/20)

National Writers Union: Coronavirus Relief for Writers (UPDATED 4/1/20)

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