ASMP Canon Business Series

ASMP is very excited to partner with Canon USA to provide a series of business webinars selected specifically to give photographers the tools to build their businesses despite the difficult times we are working in. More than ever visual creators are dependent on strong business skills.  This series will give photographers the tools and resources to maintain and grow sustainable businesses. Canon values the work that photographers do and wants to support their business, and being part of the process through which creators impact our culture is important to them.

Upcoming Webinars

September 30 @ 3pmET

Licensing and Copyright: A Conversation

Join ASMP Member and lifestyle photographer Inti St. Clair and ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey for a conversation about licensing, copyright, and how to make sure you and your clients are on the same page about the future. 

Drawing from her work with advertising clients such as Alaska Airlines, Google, T-Mobile and more, and editorial clients such as Conde Nast, Scholastic, and Modern Luxury among others, Inti will relate the strategies and considerations that help her determine what licenses to grant, what value to consider, and how to get the client to meet you in the middle. 

At the same time, Thomas will discuss the license itself, the best practices for communicating with clients and negotiation practices, and what to do if your license is breached. 



October 21 @ 3pmET

Pitching by Design

Bring your pitch to a new level and learn how to win over clients with value, professionalism, and expertise before numbers even get involved.

Jenna Teeson / Owner and Agent / Teeson Reps

David Bergeron/principal designer / b-havior

November 18 @ 3pmET

Rebooting Your Business Plan TBD

December 16 @ 3pmET

Pricing TBD

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