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That Photo Makes Me Hungry by Andrew Scrivani

By January 27, 2020ASMP Bookshelf

Photographing Food for Fun & Profit

Discover insider secrets for mouthwatering photographs.

Andrew Scrivani, food photographer for the New York Times, is one of the most respected names in the business. He’s also a teacher of the craft, advising #foodporn obsessives, bloggers, photographers ready for the next step, and anyone who loves to shoot and eat, in how to:

  • See the light (craft and shape it the way you want)
  • Embrace the math (calculate ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and white balance)
  • Consider visual storytelling (single vs. multiple image narratives)
  • Master tricks for shooting in restaurants (window, bounce cards)
  • Be a control freak (shop, prep, cook, style, and shoot)
  • Turn passion into profit (work and get paid)

Part straight-forward practical advice, part stories from the field, with many of Scrivani’s signature photos, this book will definitely make you hungry. Here’s where to order the book.

Editor’s Note: Andrew Scrivani was a guest speaker for a Strictly Business Webinar last summer and most recently served as a jurist for the Best of ASMP 2019 Photo/Video Contest.

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