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Stephen Wilkes: Day To Night

By June 18, 2019 June 19th, 2019 ASMP Bookshelf, Strictly Business Blog

Stephen Wilkes Day To Night Book CoverEditor’s Note: Stephen Wilkes is an ASMP Professional Member.

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There are some places around the world that exist as much as images as they do in concrete, stone, steel, or the rugged lay of the land. The Palio di Siena, the Kumbh Mela Festival in India, the Grand Canyonthe Campanile di San Marco in Venice, the Tulips of Amsterdam: these natural and man-made sites are fixed pictures in our collective consciousness, frozen in time and space as hallmarks of who and where we are.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes set out to reimagine these iconic landmarks. Vast and extraordinarily detailed, his images capture not just the location, but rather a day in the life of that location. Wilkes’ process is intensive, waking before dawn and shooting up to 2,000 photographs from a stationary vantage point, which are then painstakingly edited, selecting the best moments of the day & night. Using time as his guide, all these moments are then seamlessly blended into a single photograph, visualizing our conscious journey with time.

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