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Doug Menuez: The Fearless Genius Project

Editor’s Note: Doug Menuez is an ASMP Professional Member. Also, Doug was the first guest on the ASMP Experts & Masters Podcast Series. Listen to it here: Episode 1: Doug Menuez.

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[by David Schloss]

In the mid-1980s, photographer Doug Menuez was looking for something hopeful at which to point his lens. Then in his mid-20s, Menuez was a burgeoning photojournalist covering some of the darkest subjects of the times. He had been documenting the emerging AIDS crisis, homelessness,the war on drugs and countless global crises for magazines including TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, LIFE, der Spiegel and others. Menuez was regularly flying around the globe to cover some of the most heartbreaking subjects and had just completed coverage of what he calls “a fairly devastating famine in Ethiopia” when he knew he needed a change.

“When you’re covering this [material],” says Menuez, now 57 and a renowned editorial and commercial photographer, about the period, “you start to think, ‘What can I do to contribute to this?’ You wonder how you can leave a mark. I was looking for something more positive for myself.”

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