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Check Out the Newly-Launched ASMP Bookshelf and Get Inspired



Are you looking for a good book? Well, look no further than the newly-launched ASMP Bookshelf, where ASMP members provide their expertise and insight to an expansive base of technical and cultural topics in digital and printed books.

ASMP believes that to be your optimal self, one must become engaged to become empowered, and there is no better way to expand your world than to seek knowledge found in all types of digital and printed resources.

While ASMP continues to promote its professional books, from the much-celebrated ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography edited by Susan Carr to the current new member book offering of Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington, ASMP is focused on expanding its professional bookshelf to include the incredible books being written by members with expertise and experience to expand our knowledge base in the many forums of photography.

From the inspirational images of presidential photographer, Pete Souza found in his latest book, Shade: The Tale of Two Presidents, to Boston-based Lou Jones‘ colorful portraits of modern Africa in panAFRICAproject: Volume I, the richness of our vast world is captured in intimate images from cover to cover; while award-winning journalist Frank Van Riper’s latest book, Recovered Memory: New York and Paris 1960-1980, is a documentary-cum-memoir with images of New York and Paris.

If you need to expand your knowledge about digital asset management, Peter Krogh’s books, including The DAM Book 3.0, will help you build those digital archives. If you’re looking to master your lighting techniques, then Brian Fitzgerald’s Light Matters is the book you need to advance those skillsets.

The ASMP Bookshelf is far from being full, so if you have published a book that you would like to have included on the ASMP Bookshelf, please submit details to

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