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Book: The Perfect Imperfect by John Dolan

By September 8, 2021September 10th, 2021ASMP Bookshelf, Strictly Business Blog

An intimate exploration of the American wedding, an enduring public ritual

Foreword by Martha Stewart

“Each image is provocative, detailed, important, relevant, and memorable. John Dolan encourages his subjects to be bold, to show their emotions, and to allow his lens to capture private as well as more open moments.”  –Martha Stewart

This book is an unexpected deep dive into the tenderness and truth of weddings. For 342 Saturdays, John Dolan has quietly pursued emotional and revealing art inside the wedding day itself. He has aimed his camera at tiny moments of deep meaning: evocative, joyful, unscripted, perfectly imperfect scenes at the start of a marriage. The wedding is one of society’s last and lasting ceremonies—universal in its presence, comprehensive in its emotion. Dolan’s candor, his respectful discretion and his gentle but shrewd and powerful observation combine to make a book that transcends weddings and enlightens us on the human condition.

John Dolan has influenced a generation of contemporary wedding photographers, redefining the genre over 30 years of work. He is an artist who chose weddings as his subject, fascinated by the complexity of this shared ritual. His work has been widely published and celebrated in major magazines and sought after by a variety of thoughtful clients from Johnny Cash to Gwyneth Paltrow. Dolan is based in New York, the Berkshires and Ireland, or wherever his next wedding takes him, finding beauty and truth below the surface of the occasion.

“What I love about John’s pictures is how his lovely soul comes through in the moments he sees in other people. John has photographed our family for 20 years. It is, to us, a priceless view of who we are and wouldn’t exist without his gifted shutter, lens and eye.”  —Jerry Seinfeld

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