Letter from Leif Skoogfors

Dear ASMP,

Today I mailed a check for $500.00 to ASMP’s Legal Fund. I also wish to acknowledge the superb advice and counseling I received from Victor Perlman as I struggled to deal with the many (600+ est) infringements of the Jane Fonda and John Kerry photograph which flooded the Internet after it was gang pirated during the 2004 election.

To put it simply, without ASMP, I would have been lost.

My first case has just been resolved, thanks to the work that Vic provided in putting me in touch with one of the best copyright attorneys in the area. Vic’s advice was crucial in finding a firm to take on these cases. His wise counsel also kept me going personally as I dealt with the injustice of the situation.

5 more cases are in varying stages of development. And while the pirating still continues (do any image search for “Kerry Fonda”), I’ve been able to gain satisfaction in what many people derided as “just tilting at windmills.”

My attorneys (4 are actually involved) are reexamining them to narrow down the next round to those that, we hope, will help establish case law to support photographers from the rampant unlicensed use of images on the Internet, much of it a result of people using the “Arriba Soft” case as a license to link.

With much appreciation,

Leif Skoogfors