ASMP Alaska — New Website

Last year ASMP began the process of transitioning its website from an outdated Drupal platform to a new platform based on WordPress. These changes offer huge improvements in usability, maintainably, SEO, and appearance. The national website is currently up and running. Individual chapter sites are just beginning to make the transition. If you are reading this, you are seeing the new ASMP Alaska website.

The current website is still available at You may have noticed that this site has languished over the last year as the difficulty in maintaining an active presence on this platform (and the knowledge of an impending improvement) began to take a toll on board. Over the next few months the ASMP Alaska site will transition to  its new home at This site will benefit from a deeper integration with the national site and, because it is based on the more user-friendly WordPress platform, we hope it will be easier to maintain.

Do you want to see your photos on the new site?

Although it has not been installed yet, we intend to add a scrolling carousel feature to the home page featuring work of our members. You can see an example of this as ASMP Philadelphia. If you would like to see your work featured here, send an email to: