Share Your Stories of Infringement with Congress

by | May 22, 2019 | Advocacy, Small Claims Report

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Member Infringement Stories

In responding to our CASE Act advocacy efforts, members of Congress want to hear from visual creators about infringement of their creative work. If you have had your work infringed, we invite you to share your story by submitting a one page statement about infringement of your work that ASMP can present to Representatives and their staffs in advocacy meetings.

Please submit your one-page statement about the infringement of your work and any related detail or comment about the loss of income for that infringement to with subject title “Infringement Statement”, and include your name and preferred contact information. As a template for your one-page statement, please see sample statement written by former ASMP National Board Chair, Jenna Close.

If you want to include an image of the infringed work(s) described in the statement, please send image(s) as attachment along with the statement. If multiple images have been infringed, please do not submit more than three images.

Please submit any questions regarding this ask to For more information about the CASE Act, go to CASE Act Central.

How to Find Infringement Data

For those of you who may have never inquired about the possible infringement of your images, please find the following steps for conducting a reverse image search to find estimated infringement data.

1) Go to
2) Enter an image (each link with an infringement counts as 1)
3) If possible, do this reverse image search for your top 5-10 images

If you have any questions about image search to find estimated infringement data, send email to

Participate in ASMP Copyright Infringement Surveys

If you have been infringed and you didn’t participate in the ASMP Copyright Infringement Survey distributed in April, please consider taking five minutes to complete the initial ASMP Copyright Infringement Survey and the follow-up ASMP Copyright Infringement Survey Part 2 that has been created to capture specific information about infringement of licensed work and social media so we can generate additional reporting about infringement activity requested by members of Congress. Note: You are invited to complete the infringement surveys even if your work has not been registered with the United States Copyright Office.

ASMP Copyright Infringement Survey (original survey posted in April)

ASMP Copyright Infringement Survey Part 2 (participate in this survey ONLY if your work has been infringed)


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to support ASMP advocacy efforts. Your actions count!